Dayzunderground mod update 1.10

DUG Mod Update #15 Overview

In this update, DUG adds a new weapon, revamps raiding, improves immersion as well as more balance changes and fixes.

Dayzunderground mod update faction flag items

DUG Mod Update #14 Overview

In this large update, DUG adds unique new items as part of a faction-focused content release as well as more clothing variants, fixes and balancing changes.

dayzunderground mod release face paint

DUG Mod Update #13 Overview

Facepaint, infinite heat bug fixed, readable books, clothing dyeing, pelt backpacks, new weapon variants and more were released by the DUG mod.

Ambush DrDesync DayZ Screenshot

DUG Mod Update #12 Overview

We’re releasing the second part of our larger update that comes with a lot of new content, new features, bug fixes and tweaks.

DayzUnderground Mod Update 11

DUG Mod Update #11 Overview

We have released DUG mod update #11 with new content, fixes to base building and more.

DUG Mod Update #10 Overview

DUG Mod Update #10 Overview

The DUG mod update #10 adds new content, less-than-lethal ammo, and re-introduces missing features.

Fishing Mod Released

Fishing Mod Released

Our modding team has released a fully fleshed fishing mod based on the initial implementation by and with permission from ZeroY.

DUG Mod “Survival” Update #9 Overview

DUG Mod “Survival” Update #9 Overview

With the most recent DayzUnderground mod update we are bringing back popular survival features to DayZ.

new modded items by munghard and windstride

New items by Munghard and Windstride in DUG mod

We want to thank Munghard and Windstride for their amazing contributions to the DUG mod.