DUG Mod Update #20 Overview


8 months ago

A Little Bit on the Chilly Side

With the end of the year just under 2 months away, we’ve decided to lower the thermostat a few degrees in Chernarus. You’ll find this coming wipe to be a bit on the chilly side, so be sure to bundle up or find someone to help keep you warm in these cool winter months.

New Map – Winter Chernarus

For this winter season we’ve switched our map and altered a couple of settings to welcome Winter Chernarus to DayzUnderground! We’re excited to see our players learn to adapt to the new environment while still keeping all the same familiarity you’re used to. In order to join our server when 1.23 arrives you’ll need to have the following mods installed!

New Cosmetics – Winter Pack

We’ve added a couple dozen new winter-themed cosmetics to help survivors blend in better with the environment, ranging from civilian to military that include a couple different patterns for you to pick and choose from. Keep in mind though, items like these may be harder to find!

New Item – White Spraycan

For those who like to paint, we’ve also thrown in a new spraycan to paint your various weapons, attachments and a certain clothing type white.

New Mechanic – Restrained Jogging

Requested a few times by our community, survivors are now able to jog while restrained. This should help would-be captors with escorting their targets to and fro with a bit more ease.

New Infected Type – Police Screamer

Inspired by our recent in-game events with hordes, we’ve decided to give some love to one of our unused infected variants. You’ll now need to keep an eye out for this infected, because if you catch this ones attention, expect the whole block to join in as they alert their surrounding infected to your presence.

Mechanic Rebalancing – Tear Gas

Thanks to community feedback, we’re taking our first steps towards rebalancing Tear Gas to be a more effective tool in combat. In it’s current state, majority of survivors we’re always able to circumvent the detrimental effects by simply wearing any sort of mask. We’ve now nerfed a majority of all protective items as well as buffed the strength of the Tear Gas. Now if a survivor is caught inside of a gas cloud, they shouldn’t stay conscious for very long unless they have very specific types of facial protection.

Weapon Rebalancing – AUR Variants

The AUR A1 and AUR AX have had their magazine types switched in order to nerf the all powerful AUR AX. You should notice the weaker AUR A1 will now accept all forms of western magazines (AUR, CMAG and STANAG) while the AUR AX only allows the AUR magazine to be inserted. Both weapon’s descriptions have been updated to reflect this change.

New Item – The Flask

Survivors may have already had a sneak peek of this item in-game, with a certain russian weapon merchant carrying it around on their person. The Flask is a new liquid container that can be stored on the belt like a canteen. Enjoy a nice sip of the finest vodka Chernarus can offer in these trying times. Some say its strong enough to strip paint, but for the average Chernarussian it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Closing Words

We hope you are as hyped as we are for this upcoming patch. Once things go gold on November 7th, we’ll be wiping our server and starting fresh with both the DayZ 1.23 Update as well as our own. We hope to see you all there and remember: It’s the apocalypse, no one cares if you wipe your runny nose on your sleeve!

For our newer players and members, be sure to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Apply to our Whitelist so you can keep up to date with all the happenings regarding our server and community!

Changelog DUG Mod


  • Give&Take mod features
  • Added new winter variant cosmetics
  • Added new winter variant weapons
  • Added white spraycan
  • Added flask
  • Added more variants for OKZK Cap and Petushok Hat
  • Added new mime mask variant
  • OKZK Cap now protects from Tear Gas
  • You can now jog while restrained
  • More junk items when fishing
  • New special infected type (Police screamer)
  • Boonie Hat and Military Beret can now be dyed
  • Added toggle for changing shemagh states while worn


  • AUR AX now only takes AUR magazines
  • AUR A1 now takes all western magazines (AUR, CMAG and STANAG)
  • Adjusted AUR descriptions to reflect magazine changes
  • Nerfed protection to tear gas
  • Increased shock damage from tear gas
  • Ponchos now repair with just sewing kit
  • Robbery Masks can now be repaired with duct tape
  • Increased damage of sword


  • Improved hair clipping when wearing burlap mask
  • Black Press Vest can now have its tag removed
  • Camera can now be repaired with electrical repair kit
  • Fixed textures for painted Sawed-off Blaze variants
  • Fixed textures for painted CR527 variants


  • Removed player nightlight toggle