DUG Mod Update #14 Overview


4 years ago

The Faction Update

This DayzUnderground update will be mainly focused towards our Factions who represent and are the “faces” of the DUG Community. Some of our long-standing Factions will be receiving in-game items tailored to their requests that best represent them to further interactions and stories with others in unique ways depending on the item. We also have other Quality of Life changes we hope you will enjoy, so please read so you can stay informed about what is changing and being added to make DayzUnderground even better!

Radios Become Map-Wide

Handheld Transceivers can now be heard from all corners of the map

One of the first changes, in an attempt to further interaction amongst players, is to make all forms of Radio Communication map-wide! This was originally set to only 8 square kilometers, but due to heavy community request over the matter we are now expanding this range for the Handheld Transceiver.

We will be keeping an eye on the traffic “the waves” are about to receive and determine if the range will need to be reduced or not. As always, be sure to leave your feedback in our Discord.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Ears can be collected by skinning Dead Player Corpses

We have a new item to introduce, so listen closely if you are hard of hearing!

Used predominantly as a form of trophy/bounty system, you can harvest an ear off of a dead player by skinning them. There is only a chance of  this occurring unless you have a special item (which we will show off in just a minute).

You can burn, boil or bake ears and eat them if you would like, but they are very low in any nutritional value and will give you Kuru just like any other part of a human would. Ears also come in two skin tones: Black and White.

A Farmer’s Tools

We have now added the option to remove Garden Plots to help clean up with world a bit as lots of areas have become littered with them. Hopefully this will help everyone out until plots are properly fixed!

No Faction Without Representation

All of our current 12 Factions (Congrats to our newest Factions: Fireflies, Overlook, PTU and Rangers!) will be receiving the knowledge needed to create and put up their own flags around the map, at bases they own or bases they will take over and claim for themselves. Players can bleach flags to convert them to White Flags which will give Faction members the option to craft their own flag by using a Sewing Kit on the White Flag.

Unique Faction Items

For our long-standing Faction Members we have been working to create unique items for them to use to further their interactions amongst themselves and others. These range from tools, cosmetics and weapons. Keep in mind these items are balanced to be on par with normal variants as to not provide any meta advantages.

Turn that Frown Upside Down – The Carnival

The Carnival’s Item is a Clown Face Paint Kit. It allows 4 different styles of paint: Sad, Happy, Joker and Mime.

I Made a New Friend Today – The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep’s Item is a Lamb Toy. A cuddly doll made from Sheep Fur, this item will keep you feeling warm and cozy with memories of your childhood as you cuddle up with it during a stormy night. Squeezing the Toy makes it “Baa!” in a playful manner.

A Lone Wolf’s Howl – Serdtse Volka

Serdste Volka’s Item is a Wolf Whistle (Golos Volka). A large wooden whistle with carved engravings used by Serdste Volka to communicate over long distances. Blowing the whistle emulates a Wolf’s Howl over a long distance.

Have You Heard – Dark as Midnight

Dark as Midnight’s Item is a Cannibal Knife. This knife is constructed from a machete and can be used to show off one of our new items, the human ear. It can hold up to 5 ears in any order you would like. Due to the proficiency and years of practice these cannibals have had, using this knife will always drop a Human Ear after skinning a Player’s Corpse!

Regarding Other Factions…

We are still working with our other Factions to get their items in-game as well. Please note items like these can take lots of time as most of these are custom made. In the future more Factions will receive the item they want (if they have requested one) once it is ready.

Closing Words

An update like this has been in the works for several months as things like these take time to get right. We are more than willing to be patient as the people we work with are amazing members of our community and the DayZ Community as a whole. We believe DayZ is in an amazing place right now and with the constant influx of players we hope our Factions can show these new folks what DayzUnderground is all about! Get out there Factions and show them what you’re made of!

For our newer players and members, be sure to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Apply to our Whitelist so you can keep up to date with all the happenings regarding our server and community!

More Content and Changes

As usual, while we release updates to the DUG mod frequently and announce all changes as they are happening on our Discord, we publish articles only for larger releases. Here is a summary of more changes that were introduced since the last release article.

New Tent Variants

Thanks to QuartzPuffyStar_, we have 3 more variants for you to find in your travels (Wine, Blue and Grey). Please note: Most Tents have been doubled in amount compared to Vanilla.

New Soviet Ballistic Vest

PurePassion has been working hard on new variants for the Press Vest and Wool Coats. Aiming for a more Soviet-Era feel, we now have 3 new “camo-esque” variants: Soviet Camo, Tan and Green that are inspired by the old russian 6B5 ballistic vest. These vests will provide a more common alternative to high end protective gear.

New Heavy Wool Coat Variants

dayzunderground new wool coat

Green and Brown Wool Coat Variants

Base Building and Base Raiding

  • We have also re-enabled all variants of Grenades as well as Landmines.
  • We have reverted Raid Tools to Vanilla values (to raid use melee, bullets and/or explosives now)
  • Dismantling with Crowbars is still set to DUG values
  • Fire Barrels finally return and allow up to 3 items to cook on its lid at a time

With new the overhaul live, we will be keeping an eye on how bases are being built, managed and raided because as for now we are remaining at Vanilla values as we like the current balance. However, this can be subject to change in the future. We will be keeping an ear out for community feedback.


  • You can no longer carry a sea chest that has items in it, similar to a barrel.
  • Fixed an issue with ski resort map textures on the side of the lodge.
  • Pocket watch now has a less bright dial, and is more readable.
  • Added two new cassette tapes. Thanks to the creators!
  • Added some more faction armbands.
  • Added faction and country flags.
  • Flags can now be bleached in a barrel to turn into a white flag.
  • Faction flags and armbands can now be crafted from their white variants w/ sewing kit.
  • Cassette no longer shows in the world in the big cassette player due to bugged vicinity display.
  • Updated the in-game faction map and loading screen.
  • Cutting up a player will now grant the chance for a trophy ear. Thanks Creep for the model!
  • Added an option to remove a garden plot. Same tools as digging one.
  • Add DAMN faction item. Thanks Creep for the model!
  • Add Carnival faction item. Thanks QuartzPuffyStar for the textures!
  • Walkie Talkies are now map wide.
  • Update fishing logic to 1.09
  • Leather water pouch is now 2×2 instead of 2×4
  • Reduced time for digging up fence posts
  • Fix painting of the scout rifle
  • Removing the mod VPP from the server and Adding the mod COT to the server
  • Backpacks can now only be repaired with leather sewing kit.
  • Properly fix tasers being able to be repaired by electronic repair kits.
  • Add brown ushanka with a homey feel.
  • Add a white USSR ushanka.
  • Allow removing the patches from ushankas with a knife.
  • Update in game map to reflect territories including the relevant loading screen.
  • Add Black Sheep faction item. BAAAH! Thank you Creep!
  • Sweater now has the same inventory as a hoodie.
  • Pistol scope has been reduced in size.
  • P1 pistol has been reduced in size.
  • Added sweat pants for those inclined to sweaty business, or relaxation
  • Items cooling down is back
  • FireAxe can now be repaired again
  • P1 can be chambered with 9mm rubber now
  • 1.08 compatibility changes.
  • Base destruction is vanilla, dismantling is still our timing, no more destruction with raid tools.
  • Wooden crate crafting is now back to Vanilla values.
  • Re-enabled poking holes in barrels.
  • Fixed crafting a courier bag consuming rope, but not actually crafting the bag when rope in hand and dragging the pelt/burlap on it. Same for sticks and a bag to make the backpack.
  • Fixed painting 40 round 5.56 mag giving a Blaze 95 instead of a painted mag
  • Fix swapping passenger to driver with item in hands
  • Added a couple extra civilian tent colors, thanks QuartzPuffyStar_
  • Added Russian ballistic vests.
  • Added some new heavy wool coats.
  • Bear now only gives one pelt when skinned instead of two.