Cherno Sauna Society is a group in DayzUnderground

The Cherno Sauna Society is recruiting!

Are you a relaxed, easy-going person then join the Cherno Sauna Societey, a small aid station and meeting point collective.

The Black Sheep are a friendly group that help passerby’s in Guglovo and defend their town in DayzUnderground.

The Black Sheep – Groups and Factions

The Black Sheep are a DayzUnderground group that seeks to help those who cannot easily defend themselves or are in need of assistance.

Serdtse Volka (Heart) – Groups and Factions

Serdtse Volka (Heart) – Groups and Factions

Heart is a DayzUnderground group shrouded in mystery that walks a fine line between committing good and evil deeds.

The golden jackals are one of the dayz group and factions of the dayzunderground server

The Golden Jackals – Groups and Factions

The Golden Jackals: Part mechanics, entertainers, arms dealer, and more.