Winter Wakes – A DUG Story

A survivor shares his story of waking up on the coast and reminiscing on events that led to his crash on the beach.

Free Chernarus Radio News Broadcast

#TwitterplaysDayZ is an interactive DayZ Story Series where your Vote decides the Outcome

Take a look behind the scenes of #TwitterplaysDayZ, an interactive DayZ story series where your vote decides the outcome.

The Humans of Chernarus Photo Series Part 2

The second part of “The Humans of Chernarus” photo series shows us more survivors who all have different ways to cope with this new and desolate world.

The Humans of Chernarus Photo Series

“The Humans of Chernarus” is a photo series showing portraits of real survivors on DUG, what they go through to survive and the stories they experienced along the way.

A Departure to the Unknown

We’re on a boat, shipping UN crates labelled emergency relief when we find out where we’re heading, our departure into the unknown written by SevRoks begins.

Exhilarating – A Story by /u/SpootinLaza

Two men lay prone on the rocks North of Novaya Petrovka, the day was clear and the sun setting West over the Tisy Car-line.

Hurt – A Story by Gino

The Only Cure – The Death of Abbigale Arlet