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The Amazing Race II Event – 18 July

The Amazing Race Event on DUG returns, hosted by the Pavlovo Trade Union.

The Guglovo Baaash – DUG Event

The Guglovo Baaash – DUG Event

dayzunderground parade of corpses event

The Parade of Corpses Event

Survivor GameZ meets Tower Defence – Join the Parade of Corpses event and fight or forge alliances and take on the Clowns.

fists of gold championsip 2019 dayzunderground event

Fists of Gold Fight Championship – 20th July

The Fists of Gold Championship is back.

The Revival – DUG Mini Event Teaser

The Revival – DUG Mini Event Teaser

dayzunderground event by RISE

The Revival – DUG Event by RISE faction

Free yourself, and join The Revival, the DayzUnderground faction RISE is organizing a small event this Saturday, open for all.

The Black Sheep are a friendly group that help passerby’s in Guglovo and defend their town in DayzUnderground.

Regional Fight Club – 16 June

Regional Fight Club – 1st June 2019

Regional Fight Club – 1st June 2019

All fighters are made equal in the ring! The Golden Jackals on DayzUnderground along with their host Dark As Midnight will be carrying out the third of four regional fight nights, fights that will culminate into the 2nd Annual Fists of Gold Fight Club Championship.

The Golden Jackals organized a FIght club event in the dayz underground server

Regional Fight Club Event – 5th May 2019

It is Fight Night tonight on DUG, come watch the tournament organized by the Golden Jackals and bet on fighters.