A PSA on Reports, Bans, and Appeals

A PSA on Reports, Bans, and Appeals

A message from Jari, DayzUnderground Staff Over the last several months we have received a lot of feedback from the community regarding player’s experiences on DUG.

Ambush DrDesync DayZ Screenshot

DUG Mod Update #12 Overview

We’re releasing the second part of our larger update that comes with a lot of new content, new features, bug fixes and tweaks.

DayzUnderground Mod Update 11

DUG Mod Update #11 Overview

We have released DUG mod update #11 with new content, fixes to base building and more.

Dayz Underground Interview Lucky Bastards RedStar

Redstar – DUG Interview Series 2019

In this interview we speak with RedStar, long-serving community member, storyteller and member of the Lucky Bastards.

DUG Mod Update #10 Overview

DUG Mod Update #10 Overview

The DUG mod update #10 adds new content, less-than-lethal ammo, and re-introduces missing features.