DUG Mod Update #15 Overview


4 years ago

New Update and New Wipe

It has been roughly 5 months since our last wipe to the DayzUnderground servers on June 30, 2020. Time to start anew. This update will have a slew of cool new things to show off that will meld nicely with the meatiness that is DayZ 1.10. But before we dive in its time to show off some aspect of what the community has done in nearly half a year, so before we go and say goodbye, we wanted to show-off some of the “final days” of this wipe!

The Final Countdown

Our community always loves to band together at the end of the day to have fun! Here is a collection of some of the final moments and a showcase of some of the hard work people have put in to make their mark!

On the final day you will usually find the most unlikely of alliances forming – Image by 506 Paddy

An average welcoming to Graz Ant Farms – Image by Joe Scrub

The Black Cross Roof Car (RIP 2020-06-30 | 2020-11-18) – Image by Pitty

A thriving compound with all walks of life within – Image by Tatanko

Everyone gathers around to hear him speak – Image by Ranger Colin

A Fresh Start

With a new wipe comes a new beginning for players and challenges for them to overcome. We’ve mixed our update coincide with DayZ 1.10 in many ways while also keeping or retouching some of our own changes.

New Civilian Weapon – RA-15

It seems after all these years the hiding places of these weapons are finally being uncovered and are now entering circulation amongst survivors. This Semi-Automatic has limited attachments, sporting only a Carry Handle sight and optional Suppressor. It can use any form of STANAG magazine, Mag-C magazine or be chambered alone with 5.56mm ammunition. It has a slightly lower fire rate to that of the SK 59/66.

A New View on Life

With the help of Mandibull of DayOne to remove god rays, we have increased immersion slightly by adding effects to eyewear and certain headgear! Different forms of wear will provide different effects. The current items this new change effects are: Motorbike Helmets, Sunglasses, Tactical Goggles and the Welding Mask.

The difference between God Rays on (Left) versus God Rays off (Right).

Athletic Sunglasses add color tints depending on the variant and remove god rays from the sun.

Knock, knock. Who’s There?

While slapping Fences with Fishes or burning through spare .22LR Rounds can be “fun”, we have decided to bring back a rudimentary form of raiding. Say hello to the Lockhammer!

The Lockhammer works just like how raiding did with a sledgehammer before. To degrade a lock (and as a result also degrade the hammer in return) you must complete a “stage” of the raiding process. We hope our raiders having another option in their toolkit will help come in handy when breaking into their next target’s base!

2 New Faction Items

In our last update we showed off a variety of different Faction Items. Thanks to Creep, we are proud to introduce 2 new items for our Faction Members to use! Lots of work has gone into these items, taking weeks if not months to have all these items completed and ready to be crafted in-game. We hope these members will have fun and use these to help further their interactions amongst other players in the community!

You Heard What?

The 506th have their Faction Item now in-game! The Bugle is an instrument that can be used to play several musical signals commonly used to announce scheduled and certain non-scheduled events at an Army installation. The options are: First Call, Retreat, Reveille, Taps and To Arms. The Bugle can be heard from a long distance away and as a result can even attract unwanted attention from infected and hostile animals, so be careful!

Let There Be Light!

Torchwood’s Faction Item is also here to help light up your night and keep you nice and warm. The Fire Mace is a makeshift torch that can also be used as a weapon. Crafted from a baseball bat it can be used just like any ordinary torch, the only difference mainly being it can cause a bit of a sting if hit by it, you might even get singed in the process too if you aren’t careful!

Closing Words

This has been a very large update for us internally. With COVID-19 still being an issue we have to make time for work, life, etc. before we can fully focus on continuing work on the DayzUnderground mod. Some members of our team work 12 Hour+ sessions on the mod alone to make sure everything is working properly as well as working towards adding new features and changes so the playerbase remains happy and occupied. This year has been a crazy one, both good and bad (but mostly good). With Namalsk fast approaching we will soon be moving our attention towards Namalsk Underground. More about this will come in the future, until then stay tuned!

For our newer players and members, be sure to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Apply to our Whitelist so you can keep up to date with all the happenings regarding our server and community!


  • 1.10 Compatibility fixes. Any changes listed below are compared to vanilla or DUG 1.09.
  • Temperature and cooldown are now vanilla.
  • Crowbar and screwdriver can’t skin an animal.
  • Fixed clown face paint not being able to paint others.
  • Updated Odin tape to a better version, removed two tapes that were causing issues.
  • Fixed Cannibal knife actions like cutting to rags etc.
  • Added RA-15 semi-auto assault rifle with limited customization options (suppressor and magazines).
  • NVG zoom removed, and battery life increased. Vignette sadly pulsates, ticket filed with BI.
  • Added the 506 faction item. Thanks Creep for the model!
  • Integrated the weapons and features we use from WeaponReduxPack with permission from Not A Banana. Thanks!
  • Fixed pistol optic double display and barrelArmor/lengths for WeaponReduxPack guns.
  • Included improved LongHorn animations. Thanks Not A Banana!
  • Increased the air time of the flare round.
  • Locks will now be destroyed when dropped from a gate if the gate is destroyed.
  • Special Lockhammer added for hammering combination locks on gates.
  • Added some extra admin base building logs.
  • Vitamins now do not consume the entire bottle, and can be combined. Basically back to vanilla.
  • Increased durability of metal fishing hooks, and allow sharpening stones to repair them.
  • Increased durability of non-improvised fishing rods, and allow epoxy putty to repair them.
  • Fixed dyeing and bleaching of leather water pouches.
  • Wooden crates now take 36 nails.
  • Sunglasses, motorbike helmets and the welding mask now affect your vision when looking at the environment/sun by either reducing sun flare and/or adding shade tint. Thanks to Mandibull from DayOne for assistance with godray removal!
  • Added woolen fingerless gloves variants.
  • Removed Barbed Wire (again) due to bugs.
  • V3S cargo size is 8×40 now.
  • Large tents (Military/Car/Canopy), tires and crates can no longer be carried in backpacks.
  • Personal radio distance is now 8km, down from mapwide.
  • Increased time between cannibal laughter and shake somewhat.
  • Added the Torchwood faction item. Thanks Creep for the model!