DUG Mod Update #17 Overview


3 years ago

Summer Update and Wipe

We hope everyone’s been enjoying their Summer so far and finding a way to deal with the heat, and what better way than to wake back up on the freezing coast fighting your brothers and sisters for last the bite out of an unknown can of food? It’s been nearly 5 months since our last wipe back in February and now’s the perfect time to wipe the slate clean. Trust no survivor but yourself, though it might be good to read what we have to say here!

Increasing the Difficulty

We’ve noticed a lot of people taking easy street with certain items and forms of storage, so we have put up a couple of “road blocks” to help slow down progression towards end-game and further encourage the risk vs reward of DayZ. Overtime, survivors should be seeing more diverse forms of storage and defensive PID items.

Epoxy Putty allows for quick and easy repairing of hard surfaces.

Epoxy Putty allows for quick and easy repairing of hard surfaces.

Changes to Armor

With recent changes made in 1.13 around ballistics and armor, we have decided to make it harder to repair Press Vest and Plate Carriers. They can now only be repaired with the item Epoxy Putty. It takes 50% to repair a Press Vest and 100% to repair a Plate Carrier. Police, Biker and other Vests have not changed.

Tiers of Shelter

Previously, shelters had no difference between them, making the more expensive variants worthless in comparison. Majority of players opted to only using the Improvised Shelter. We have decided to keep almost everything (environmental protection, durability, etc.) the same, but have altered each shelter’s inventory to reflect its tier.

You will now find that the Improvised Shelter contains 50 Slots, Leather Shelter contains 70 Slots and the Tarp Shelter contains 100 slots. This should still allow lower tiers to still be viable, just not as powerful as it was before.

Improving Life

With those bitter pills already swallowed, it’s time to chase it down with something a little more sweeter. We’ve been quietly monitoring our Discord’s Feedback section and have picked a couple things that have caught our eye and felt would be good for DayzUnderground. You yourself can always suggest or give feedback anytime in this section if something needs added, removed, changed, etc. Our team is always reading what our community posts.

Not So Close Shave

For those wanting a baby face, a mountain man look or something in-between look no further! We have now added the ability to choose which stage of the facial hair you would like when shaving for yourself or your friend who’s worried they might miss a spot. Simply take out a knife, choose one of the following options (clean, close, rough), and begin shaving!

Help Clearing Your Throat

Survivors should quickly note that masks and helmets no longer muffle the voice of the player currently wearing it! No more do you need to take off what you’re wearing just to respond a simple yes or no to someone. However, if you are gagged with a rag your voice will remain muffled until it is removed by you or someone else. This should come in handy if you ever feel the need for some quiet time and your neighbor keeps making noise…

New Base Cosmetic – Torch Holder

A metal holder that can be attached to a wall or other similar surfaces with its ornamental bracket. The Torch Holder is our first publicly crafted item that requires a Cooking Tripod and a workshop (Land_Repair_Center) to be created, previously only certain faction items required the use of this building to be crafted.

You can find this building in several towns and cities throughout Chernarus and Livonia.

Once crafted the item can now be placed on nearly any wall-like surface. The Torch Holder allows the attachment of any torch (this includes Torchwood’s Faction Item). We’re excited to see how survivors get creative in sprucing up their bases and local sacrificial circles! Thank you to Spud from DDU!

New Belt Option – Mail Pouch

The Mail Pouch is a small leather pouch that can carry pens and sheets of paper. Commonly used by couriers to safely deliver information over long distances. This item allows the visible attachment of 1 Pen, but can carry several inside. In total this pouch can carry 25 items in its inventory. For those who think they will be able to carry 25kg of notes, fear not! We have looked into the issue with note weight and they’re now the same as regular paper, so have fun carrying a ton of “IOU’s” around! Thank you to Creep for the creation of this item!

New Weapon – Deer Hoof Knife

The Deer Hoof Knife is a handcrafted knife with a taxidermy deer hoof for its handle. For those who like the Fange Knife, but have made some questionable decisions in life. Thank you to Creep for the creation of this item!

Updated Bullet – 7.92x57mm Mauser Rounds

We now have an improved bullet model and texture courtesy of Creep! You should find the K98 now shows proper loading and ejecting using this updated item.

New (and Improved) Windstride Items

We’ve talked with Windstride again and have been provided with updated models and textures for some of our current in-game items they have created as well as chosen 2 new items to join the collection!

Updated Cosmetics – Leggings and Fingerless Gloves


Leggings and Fingerless Gloves have received updated models and textures. You should be able to notice improved fingers and better looking leggings with unique styles from one another!

New Cosmetic – Slouch Hat


The Slouch Hat is a wide-brimmed felt hat most commonly worn as part of a military uniform. This hat became a famous symbol of the Australian fighting man during World War One.

New Cosmetic – Ragged Eyepatch

The Ragged Eyepatch is an improvised eyepatch made to quickly protect a damaged eye or increase charisma when around others. It is crafted using 1 rag with 1 rag.

The Road to a New Faction Item

The Dugout has been awaiting their faction item for over 1 year now, unsure of its progress or if it was even possible. This was the case up until recently when a user by the name of Dave from Sales shared a concept of what our Modding Team and the Dugout Faction were looking for…

We quickly got in contact and were able to exchange proper info and after 1 year of waiting, the Mod Team was all hands on deck to get this item live to the server in time for 1.13. Here is an early concept model by Creep!

With that comes rigorous testing and room for improvement, looking for anything broken or something not right. Finally, after all this time, we share with you…

New Faction Item – The Mannequin

The Mannequin is a handmade mannequin to show off clothing and equipment. It’s body has crudely drawn doodles that reference the Dugout. The Mannequin does not allow all forms of equipment nor can random items be stored on the mannequin via the attached equipment. This item comes in 3 stages: The Stand, The Frame and The Mannequin.

Closing Words

We hope to see you all survive and thrive with the new wipe. There are lots of new dangers you may encounter, so stay sharp! As always, if you come across issues or want to leave positive or negative feedback on changes/additions feel free to let us know. Even though we are quiet, we are always listening…

For our newer players and members, be sure to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Apply to our Whitelist so you can keep up to date with all the happenings regarding our server and community!



  • Mail pouch that goes on the canteen slot on a belt. Can contain pen, paper and written notes. Thanks Creep!
  • Dugout faction item – The Mannequin. Thanks to Creep for the model, and Dave from Sales/Admiral Brexit for the initial proxy config.
  • Torch holder, it can be crafted by holding a tripod in hands and looking at the workbench in a workshop (Land_Repair_Center). Thanks DDU!
  • Slouch hat and ragged eyepatch. Thanks Windstride!
  • Deer hoof handled hunting knife. Thanks Creep!
  • Knives now have option to select clean, close or rough shave.
  • M16-A2 can be spray painted.
  • WitchHoods and Cauldron from walpurgis event.
  • Cauldron can now be used to catch rain like the cooking pot.


  • Plate carrier and press vest can now only be repaired with epoxy putty. Plate carrier requires 100% and press vest 50%.
  • Stick shelters are now 50 slots, leather shelters 70 slots and fabric shelters 100 slots.
  • Disabled voice muffling for all items except the mouth rag gag.
  • The unknown food now has a chance to make you sick instead of always.
  • Allow crafting of a cannibal knife from oriental and crude machete. (The oriental and crude machete will NOT go in the machete sheath. Looks horrible.)
  • Fingerless gloves and leggings have new models/textures, thanks Windstride!
  • 7.92x57mm Mauser rounds now have new model and textures. Thanks Creep!
  • 506 armband and flag have new textures.
  • Black Sheep flag tweaked.
  • New texture for The Last of the Guardians journal.


  • 1.13 compatibility fixes.
  • Written notes now weigh the same as paper and not 1kg.
  • Fixed the tan medical pouch carry animation.
  • Drastically reduced item health of plant material for easier despawning.
  • Reduced the weight of broom.


  • RA-15 removed in favor of M16-A2.