DayZ News

The third DayZ server owner newsletter

The DayZ server files release for download and give admins the ability to self-host and customize more aspects.

The second DayZ server owner newsletter

Community servers can update to the Experimental branch and server files will release soon.

We made a fancy video for Gamescom 2018 and our new mailing list

DayZ on consoles gets new teaser

This is the first DayZ server owner newsletter update

The first update prepares us for the switch to the experimental branch.

DayZ Modding: A First Look

DayZ will receive modding support, likely to come with BETA.

DayZ Status Report Highlights – July 17th

The DayZ Status Report of July 18th updates us on the state of the upcoming content patch, revamped scopes, new animations, sounds and other improvements coming to DayZ.

DayZ Status Report Highlights – July 3rd

The new DayZ Status Report shows us which features and content we’ll get with the first 0-63 patch.

DayZ Status Report Highlights – June 19th

The new DayZ Status Report showcases the state of development, new animations, weather changes and new audio.

DayZ Community Stream Recap – June 15th

The Community Stream was not a developer Q&A but still gave us this interesting info.