DUG Mod Update #18 Overview


3 years ago

1.14 and DayzUnderground

As we transition into the second-to-last update for DayZ of this year, we want to let our survivors know (and rejoice) that we are not wiping our servers at this time. We believe the current balance of DayzUnderground’s in-game economy and its environment will adjust on its own overtime. We hope to see you out in the wild as you cautiously plan your trip to one of the new Contamination Zones, but until then, take the time to read over some of our own additions and changes!

Changes to Combat

Due to many complaints that came from a new addition to 1.13, the team has looked into rebalancing certain aspects of combat to add more risk towards both sides, while also hoping to achieve the reward survivors should be feeling when they when a fight.

Longer Uncon-Timers

We’ve gone through and done some rebalancing to the unconscious timers to projectiles. In 1.13, survivors quickly noticed that their victims were waking up far too fast after being shot or tased to the point where said victim could not be restrained due to how quickly they would wake up. You should now find that these uncon-timers have been increased significantly compared to the previous ~5 seconds it was. Keep in mind, wearing certain armors can absorb the impact of a projectile better than others allowing you to wake back up slightly sooner and get back to the fight.

Stabbing the Stab Vest

We’ve also noticed a lot of players using the Stab and Biker Vest in combat over more appropriate ballistic protection. The Stab and Biker vests are intended to be used mainly for melee defense, because of this we have made changes to weaken the projectile protection on these items while also increasing the melee defense. We hope to see survivors who have been stashing their higher-tier ballistic vests start using them for more than just base defense.

The “Holy S*@$, Hand Grenade!”

Grenades have gone back forth with changes to counter some cheeky behavior we’ve seen from survivors. With the recent addition of vanilla Tripwire Traps and its own set of changes compared to our own (which we have fully integrated), we have made the following changes to grenades to increase the risk for those who wish to leave little to no chance of escape on their Tripwire Traps:

  • All grenades now have a random health when spawned (worn to badly damaged).
  • Re-pinning grenades no longer resets the timer.
  • Grenades will now have a chance of spawning with a random slightly shorter fuse time.

NVGs now Vanilla

For some time now we have gone back and forth internally as to what we want from Night Vision Goggles. We know a good portion of our community dislikes their current state, some even saying they are “unusable”. Thanks to 1.14, we believe they are in a much better state than they were in. Does this mean you won’t see more changes to Night Vision in the future? Not exactly, we believe there are still tweaks that can be made to better balance this item. Until then we hope you will dust off your pair and make good use of it!

Before and After

All the New Things

With some bitter pills potentially swallowed, let’s once again chase it down with our sweet new items that are incoming with the new 1.14 Update!

New Equipment/Cosmetic – The Umbrella

The Umbrella is a device consisting of a circular canopy of cloth on a folding metal frame supported by a central rod, used as protection against rain. A survivor holding this item will find themselves almost completely dry when navigating through a rainstorm. As the item becomes more damaged the less it will protect you from getting wet, make sure to keep some duct tape on hand to cover those holes!

New Cosmetic Creator – The Mustache Kit

The Mustache Kit can be found in four color variants: Black, Blonde, Brown and Grey. Each Mustache Kit allows the creation of 6 mustaches with 6 styles to choose from: Gentleman, Sheriff, Horseshoe, Imperial, Lampshade and Handlebar. Every mustache can be bleached or dyed using the bleaching and tanning mechanics in a barrel.

We’re very excited to see what creative new outfits you come up with for your character as we have allowed this item to go into either the Eyewear or Mask slot.

New Infected and Cosmetic – Blue NBC Variant

We would like to introduce our first ever Infected variant, the Blue NBC Infected. This also means we’ve added a new NBC suit variant. We have chosen this vibrant blue that is slightly more common compared to the Grey NBC variant, good luck in the Contamination Zones! With more experimenting you may see several unique DayzUnderground infected shambling through Chernarus and Livonia in the future.

New Mask Occluder

Shown above with the changes made to the Night Vision Goggles. We have been given a better method for showing players a visual indicator as to what they are wearing around or on their face. For now we are starting small with only a couple of items. As we learn how this process works, more unique occluders will be added in the future. Sorry for now to our one-eye friends!

The current DayzUnderground items that have the new occulders are:

  • Paper Fox Mask
  • Plague Mask
  • Robbery Mask

Closing Words

It’s going to be an interesting update and we can’t wait to see how you all try to navigate the map with the new environmental events. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the in-game economy to see what tweaks may need to be made to ensure a balanced, yet hard experience for you all to suffer in…

For our newer players and members, be sure to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Apply to our Whitelist so you can keep up to date with all the happenings regarding our server and community!


  • Removed most clipping of hair on burlap head sack and cover.
  • Improved the in-hand position of the clown nose.
  • Notes can now be used as kindling and for crafting a fireplace.
  • Improved name of the bandage slots of the first aid pouch.
  • Allow having the hoodie with the hood up while wearing a head torch.
  • Added fake mustache kits with six different mustaches in four colors. Use a barrel to bleach and dye if you can’t find the correct color kit (leather mechanics).
  • Re-pinning grenades no longer resets the timer.
  • Stab and biker vests now have less protection against bullets and more against melee.
  • 1.14 compatibility fixes.
  • You can no longer climb on a mannequin.
  • Dabbing and the individual RPS options are now on the gesture wheel.
  • Explosive grenades will now have a random slightly shorter fuse time.
  • All grenades now have a random health when spawned.
  • Tasers will now send someone unconscious for longer.
  • Add an extra face paint style for the Carnival.
  • Bullets will now send someone unconscious for longer.
  • Add blue NBC gear, green will be phased out.
  • Added blue NBC infected.
  • Add mask occluders to our custom masks.
  • Increased shoe damage while walking somewhat.
  • Corrected crafted leather shoes to have proper durability.
  • Human ears can now be dried.
  • Added four new community cassette tapes. Thank you all for the extra content!
  • Crafting torch holders is now possible in tool sheds in Livonia.
  • The fox mask now has a little string instead of being glued to the head magically.
  • Added an umbrella. Open it and it will protect you from most of the rain.
  • Water in a cauldron can now be purified using chlorine tablets.
  • Ruined items can no longer be buried.
  • Updated in-game map and accompanying loading screen.