DUG Mod Update #16 Overview


3 years ago

The First Major Update of 2021

2 months into the new year and to coincide with the DayZ 1.11 Update we will be wiping our servers while pushing our own update. We have made, what some may consider to be, a major change to the endgame of DayZ as well as added new items and cosmetics. Be sure to read so you can see all the new items, changes and info about our Partnership with DayZ Down Under, the ANZ DayZ Community Server!

Changes to Base Building

With the new update and wipe we have decided to revert to Vanilla Base Building. Due to some of the changes we have seen overtime we believe the base-game version to be more lenient than before as well as fit more towards our vision of what we want to see out of bases, namely a place of interaction rather than an impenetrable fortress to store loot all wipe. No more should you see 10 gates inside of a corridor with this change.

Flag Persistency Removed

The removal of Flag Persistency should help clean up all the clutter that Bases and Community Camps were struggling with as well as help return items back to the world for people to find again! This also means players will need to go and manually refresh items and base building objects again or risk them despawning. Please refer to our What can be buried and persistence timers page if you are unsure of how long certain items last. Flags will still exist in the world and can be crafted, but they will remain only as a cosmetic until the issues with Item Persistency and Flags are fixed by the DayZ Developers.

Our Partnership with DDU (DayZ Down Under)

Our team has been in talks, working with and sharing assets back and forth with DayZ Down Under, the ANZ DayZ Community. We have always tried to form friendships with those outside of our circles to help make each other better. It’s been a blast working alongside DDU’s Co-Founder, Spud, something we hope to see continue into the future. With the help of both teams we wanted to share with you all the new items that are now coming to DayzUnderground!

New Weapon – K98 Service Rifle

The K98 Service Rifle is a five shot bolt-action rifle, fed from an internal magazine. It comes with a new scope, the ZF39 Scope, a mounted 8×32 fixed magnification sniper optic. It is loaded in a new ammunition called the 7.92x57mm Mauser Round, used specifically for the K98 Rifle.

7.92x57mm Mauser Round

New Camouflages – Gun Wraps

Burlap Weapon Wrap – Made from 2 Burlap Strips & Sewing Kit

Stuffed Burlap Weapon Wrap – Made from Burlap Weapon Wrap & Plant Material

Camo Net Weapon Wrap – Made from cutting Camo Netting

Originally introduced in DayZ v0.48.124737 all the way back in August 2014, the Burlap Wrap is used, albeit crudely, to camouflage your weapon. These variants are cheaper compared to the Ghillie Wraps, but should be able to get the job done within your Team’s budget.

New Armor – Military Helmet

Based upon the 6B28 Helmet, this hard polymer helmet is made to both be comfortable and adjustable while providing the head protection during combat situations. All 3 variants (Green, Black and Blue UN) come equipped with rails for accessories and NVG shroud.

New Cosmetic – Sports Goggles

The Sports Goggles work just like other eyewear in that they protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays while other variants also have a color tint to them. These come in Clear, Black Tint, Blue Tint, Green Tint and Red Tint.

New Communication Tool – Military Headset

A tactical headset used to communicate through shorter distances. The radio function can be turned on or off while wearing and can change frequencies with customizable keybindings. These can be worn in the Headgear or Mask slot to offer more forms of player clothing customization! They come in Black, Green and Tan.

Removal of Ear Plugs Mod and What Replaces It?

With this new update we have decided to create our own version of the Ear Plugs mod in house. It will work similar to how it was before, but with a couple of Quality-of-Life improvements. The ear plug function will auto enable/disable when entering or exiting a vehicle. We have also adjusted the placement of the icon and added 2 more icons to go alongside it.

  • The first icon is the Toggle Mute button. It will appear when you activate your mute or enter a vehicle. It reduces your current game volume by 75% (compared to before it was a static value)
  • The second icon is your Backpack-Attachable Personal Radio. It will appear when it is turned on and will display the current channel you are tuned to.
  • The third icon is your Military Headset. It will appear when it is turned on and will display the current channel you are tuned to.

All three keybinds can be customized in the Controls Settings of the pause menu under the DayzUnderground section. These icons can also be disabled with the rest of the UI by holding the ~ (tilde) key.

More Belt Options

With the help of DDU we have added 3 more options that can be attached to the Canteen Slot of belts. We hope players will find these useful in furthering the personalization of their characters and providing a higher tier of utility.

New Item – Medical Pouch

The medical pouch can hold 2 attachable bandages and has an inventory of 2×2 that allows anything inside of that size. Medics might find this useful in storing Saline or Blood Bags in case of emergency!

New Item – Machete Sheath


The machete sheath can hold either a Machete or the Dark as Midnight Faction Item, the Cannibal Knife. It can also store one sharpening stone in an attachment slot.

New Item – Sawed-Off Weapon Holster

The sawed-off weapon holster can hold any sawed-off weapon variant (attachments to the item included). Only the most chaotic of players would ever dare conceive to transform their long barreled weapons into stubby hand cannons. Flaunt your “creation” and drive fear into those around you while still providing a convenient way to store your weapon.

Only for the Cool Kids – Reversible Caps

With the help of DDU you can finally kick it with the cool kids in the back of the class. Put your feet up and listen to your favorite tunes while Ms. Johnson babbles on about whatever nonsense is on the agenda for today. The Flipped Baseball Cap is now an option for all variants of the Baseball Cap. Simply place it into your hands and choose “Rotate Cap” to instantly look 20% cooler amongst your friends.

New Community Addition – The Book of Andromeda

Our newest entry into Community-Made Stories is The Book of Andromeda. The legend of Head Marshal of the Fire Keepers, Andi Walker, and her struggles and experiences as the Paragon of Perseverance. A story of love, war and tragedy. Will you be the first to read all 10 Chapters?

Closing Words

With the our new update out and first Major Update for 2021, we consider this DDU-assisted update a win in our books and we hope the community will think so, too! It’s been a pleasure to work with Spud and further both of our communities together. This is what DayZ is all about, helping one another to survive and thrive! Get out there survivors and be the best you can be!

For our newer players and members, be sure to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Apply to our Whitelist so you can keep up to date with all the happenings regarding our server and community!


  • 1.11 compatibility fixes.
  • Removed build anywhere functionality for fences.
  • Fixed a bug where looking down at a radio on your backpack and using the action to turn it on would do nothing.
  • Added auto-mute when entering a vehicle (and unmute when exiting). Manual toggle with N also possible. Will show a mute icon next to the voip icon.
  • Added an icon to show the channel of your radio on your backpack when it is turned on.
  • Added a new journal. Thanks Andi!
  • Disabled the refreshing functionality of flags. You can still fly a flag but you will have to manually upkeep your bases.
  • Increased durability of Shovel and Field Shovel.

The following items and functionality were made possible through an ongoing collaboration and sharing of content between DayZ Down Under and DayzUnderGround. Thank you Spud and the rest of DDU!

  • Added a military headset that can be worn in the head or mask slot. Press B to turn it on, Press H to change channel. Will show an icon with the channel when turned on. B and H are default keybindings, change them to your liking. 
  • Added a new military helmet that can take both NVG and a flashlight.
  • Added sport goggles in various tints.
  • Added burlap weapon wrap, craft with 2 burlap strips and a (leather) sewing kit. Then combine with plant material to stuff it.
  • Added camo net weapon wrap, craft by taking a knife to a camo net.
  • Added support to wear baseball caps backwards. Hold in hand to rotate them.
  • Added a machete sheath that takes the machete and cannibal knife. Can be worn in the canteen slot on a belt.
  • Added a K98 rifle with 792×57 ammunition that can take a ZF39 long range scope.
  • Added a holster to wear a sawed off gun on your hip. Can be worn in the canteen slot on the belt.
  • Added a medical pouch. Can be worn in the canteen slot on the belt.