DUG Mod Update #13 Overview


4 years ago

Here’s what has been added to the DayzUnderground mod recently

Since the last large release overview article, the DUG Dev Team has continually released many updates to the custom DUG mod that added a lot of new content, new features and gameplay tweaks. As usual, we’d like to summarize them all again here.

These updates released over roughly a four month period. If you want to stay updated on releases as they happen, join our DUG Discord!

Overview of new content and features

Face Paint

dayzunderground face paint mod

There are 5 styles of facepaint available.

We’ve added a new item to DayZ that we believe has been missing ever since it was possible in the DayZ mod: facepaint! We’ve improved the system to be dynamic, meaning it can be added, removed or changed whenever you want.

Finding a Face Paint Stick will allow you to choose from 5 camouflage variants you can paint on yourself or a friend. They currently come in: Jungle, Bicolor, Fingertips, Tiger, and Green! Facepaint can be removed with alcohol tincture. While they wont look as nice, they also work when you have grown a beard.

Thank you to QuartzPuffyStar_ for the facepaint textures and Creep for the Paint Stick model!

Pelt Backpacks

improvised pelt backpacks of all dayz animals in dug mod

You can now craft improvised courier bags and backpacks from all animals in DayZ.

You can now craft 28 new pelt backpacks from animals roaming around. Use the pelt from skinning the dead animal to craft your pelt courier pack with rope and add short sticks to get an improvised backpack. You can craft these from any animal you kill.

New Fleece Hunting Jackets

Dayzunderground modding team is looking for new contributors

This new hunter’s staple item comes in green, brown, blue and natural beige.

We’ve released new variants of the hunting jackets, made out of a cozy but rugged fleece with shoulder patches and leather elbow pads. This hunter’s essential item comes in green, brown, natural beige and blue.

New Weapon Variants

dayzunderground mod new weapon variants polymer repeater

Four new and unique variants join the arsenal!

The DUG dev team has been working on making more variants of civilian weapons and expanding the DUG weapon variants pack. This time we’ve focused on the lower tier BK-18 and the Repeater. The BK-18 now has an engraved variant (that can be turned into a Sawed-Off BK-18 Engraved) and the Repeater has an Engraved and Polymer variant. We hope you enjoy the amount of detail put into these new variants!

dayzunderground weapon variants pack engraved repeater

The engraved repeater comes with a new wood finish and an authentic, highly detailed engraving.

Bringing Back Dyeing

dayzunderground dyeing clothes in dayz

We’ve brought back the highly anticipated dyeing feature and made its color schemes less bright.

How do you Dye Clothes?

Find a barrel that is filled with water and place the item you want to dye inside. You will now need any form of Rose Hips (Red ), Elderberries (Blue) and/or Plant Material (Green) and close the barrel. After a short waiting period the materials you used will convert the White T-Shirt into a dyed color. To remove the dye you can bleach the shirt using Disinfectant Spray. Keep in mind you can only dye one piece of clothing at a time.

What all can I Dye?

You can Dye: T-Shirts, Bandanas and Armbands (These must be white beforehand for it to work)

Where do I find the materials to dye my clothes? You can gather berries by cutting down certain types of bushes. These berries provide little source of nutrition. You can gather Plant Material via Farming at a Garden Plot.

How do I make a certain color of clothing, either darker or brighter?

The more of a certain color you put in will yield a “darker” or more colorful result. For example: If you want a yellow dyed shirt, you would need 100% Plant Material and 100% Rose Hips in the barrel. To make a “more faded” or less colorful yellow just reduce the amount of Plant Material and Rose Hips you put inside, but make sure the amount is even for both materials. Have fun experimenting!

Multicam Plate Carrier

dayzunderground adds a new multicam plate carrier to dayz

You can now find a new multicam plate carrier in DUG, complimenting our multicam combat uniform.

In addition to a huge library of new civilian clothing options, we’ve also created a military clothing pack that provides a large variety of authentic combat gear with a keen eye for detail.

A new multicam plate carrier will now compliment the full multicam combat uniform, paying hommage to the military units that were once deployed to Chernarus in Operation Harvest Red.

Community-written Stories Now In-Game

dayzunderground mod community made stories

dayzunderground mod community made stories

Our private forum is a great place for stories and members have shared an incredible amount of compelling stories about their characters and unique experiences in DayzUnderground. We have now made sharing them seamless and a select amount can be found and read right in the game.

We love the personal touch and storytelling opportunities this brings and will be continually expanding and adding more as time goes on. Are you interested in having some of your interesting and unique stories added? Be sure to let us know!

No More Infinite Heat And New Temperature Changes

In one of these updates we fixed an exploit that had a huge impact on the survival meta of DayZ. When heated up, any items would stay hot indefinitely and never cool down, providing infinite heat sources. This removed the need for a balanced loadout and any preparation for rain or colder weather.

With the removal of infinite heat we have made changes to compensate and better balance survival in rain or cold. We have changed the base temperature of Chernarus to now be warmer as well as reduced the chance for rain but increased the chance of thunderstorms if it rains. This means on average you have to worry less about keeping warm but have to properly prepare for it in case it does.

Additionally, we have tweaked the inventory size of heat packs made it possible for improvised torches to provide warmth.

Dayzunderground adds a bookcase

Bookcase to store your library in made by Helkhiana

Another long anticipated and highly appreciated feature are readable books! We’ve brought back all readable books that used to be present in DayZ.

With them, we’re also providing a new unique item. The Bookcase can be found in the world in a dismantled state via Carboard Boxes. Pick one up and you will gain the option to place/construct the Bookcase.

It can be dismantled using various tools if you need to replace the item in a new spot or to steal it from your local library! A Bookcase can contain up to 50 books, each book has its own unique placement in the case so you can rearrange to your hearts content.

We want to thank Helkhiana for the model!

New Robber Masks

dayzunderground payday style masks in dayz

A new mask

The “Payday” masks used to be iconic items, often used by bandits or other unsavory individuals. Unfortunately, they were removed from the game at some point. We’re bringing back (license-conflict-free) substitutes for those masks!

New Tacklebox

dayzunderground tackle box fishing in dayz

The tacklebox can only store hooks, bait, worms, rope and knives

Fishing has proven itself as a popular source of food. With this tackle box that can store only hooks, bait, worms, rope and knives, we’re giving our fishermen a useful tool.

6 Years Of DayzUnderground

6 years of DUG anniversary items

Has it really been six years already?

On March 8th, we celebrated our sixth year of being a Community! As is tradition, for this anniversary we have also been working on some cool new items for you to flaunt.

  • The Pocket Watch – A small, fragile watch that shows the actual in-game time.
  • The Tophat – A stylish hat for the exquisite gentleperson in you. Can hold up to 2 DUG Trading Cards in the band.

We also want to use this opportunity to thank all of our players and members!

We hope you enjoy your time – stay safe!

More Changes And Fixes

  • You can no longer get in a car driver’s seat with any item in hands.
  • You can no longer get in a car passenger’s seat with a large heavy item in your hands.
  • Water bottles and canteens now have random amounts of water in them.
  • Updated black raincoat texture to be darker and less brown.
  • Added three new community cassette tapes.
  • Fix formatting in one of the community books.
  • Improved various multicam, bdu and flecktarn textures.
  • Thanks to the DUG dev team contributor Cristian for helping us with some of the scripting!
  • Thanks to Slugmite and Sanguine for debugging the facepaint.
  • Crafted Leather gloves can now be repaired with leather sewing kit.
  • Medical shirt can now be turned to rags like the pants.
  • Fix sheep courier bags actually turning into sheep improvised backpacks.
  • Reduced binoculars inventory size.
  • You can now wring out leggings.
  • Reduced size of the raincoat so it’s easier to carry one.
  • Tacklebox can be repaired with epoxy putty.
  • Taser can be repaired with an electrical repair kit.
  • NVG FOV is now equal to iron sights FOV.
  • Reduced guts nutrition.
  • Hot items will now cool down over time.
  • Reduce the size of a Heat Pack to 1×2.
  • Increase the effect of heated items in a shirt or pants.
  • Removed $UNT$ from some magazines and the sword.
  • Adjust pause screen menu links.
  • Improved Gorka Flat Brown and Digital Flora textures.
  • Improved Mich2001 helmet textures.
  • Improved combat gloves textures.
  • Fat now decreases much more in quantity when cooking
  • Cooking with burnt/ruined fat will burn your food instead of baking it
  • Adjusted inventory size of sports glasses to match the other glasses
  • Brought nutritional value pumpkins in line with other grown food
  • Add a tacklebox that can store only hooks, bait, worms, rope and knives
  • Make NVG held in hand equal to NVG on strap
  • Fix weight display on cigarettes
  • Add an extra loading screen
  • Cassette case now has an extra row of space
  • Changed NVG Goggles to have a lower FOV and blurred vision
  • Allow spray painting of courier bags and improvised backpacks
  • Allow wellies to be repaired with duct tape
  • Fix typo in Serdtse Volka Armband
  • Add ability to operate radio on backpack by looking at it with no items in hand
  • Update in game map and loading screen map – Allow fishing rod and tripod on back
  • Add purple raincoat and matching armband if you cut it up
  • Greatly reduce berries nutrition
  • Guts now fill you up fast
  • Fix texture for rubber buck to correctly state the amount of buck.
  • Fix bug preventing getting berries from bushes on Livonia
  • Add Dugout armband
  • Heart Armband is now Serdste Volka armband
  • Add bleaching and dyeing. Use berries (from cutting down the correct bushes) and plant material in a barrel to dye clothing.
  • Tophat can now be repaired with a sewing kit
  • Seeds from cutting vegetables are now greatly reduced and random
  • You can now cut the press logo from a pressvest
  • You can now repair boxing gloves with a leather sewing kit
  • You can now repair protector cases with epoxy putty
  • If you go unconscious while reading a book, you will now stop reading said book
  • Reduced the maximum zoom on the leica camera
  • Add buttons to the in-game menu for website, discord and reporting.
  • Allow tophat to be picked up from prompt
  • Bookcase now blocks some bullets and shows wood splinters, high caliber can potentially still penetrate
  • Opening and closing the bookcase is now less loud
  • Dismantling distance for bookcase reduced
  • Potential crash bug fixed
  • Add engraved and polymer Repeater
  • Add engraved BK-18 (and sawed-off variant)
  • Add readable books and a bookcase to store them in, find the bookcase kit and deploy/dismantle it with some tools. Thanks Helkhiana for the bookcase!
  • Crafted leather gloves can now be repaired with leather sewing kit
  • Belts can now be repaired with leather sewing kit
  • Adding 150 new items (144 books, a carboard box, the bookcase and 4 new weapon variants)!
  • Zippo and Petrol Lighters now spawn with a lot less fuel. Reminder that the Zippo has a refill option with the alcohol tincture.
  • Added combining matchboxes, drag them onto each other to fill the one being dragged into.
  • Disabled placing collectable cards on surfaces as they turn into paper with the notes mod.
  • Combination locks can now be repaired with epoxy putty.
  • Added an extra cassette tape
  • Cassette Tape Case can now be buried.
  • Removed the restriction on tents and barrels being put into other containers (If we see an uptick of more frequent server crashes, this change will be pulled back.)
  • Disabled putting recon pipe on belt, that was never intended
  • Raw lard now has proper salmonella, and burned lard has food poison
  • Corrected some fullness values on mackerel fillet and it’s burned state values
  • Did a second pass on item size reduction, mainly in the shoes department
  • Allow card packs in collect card boxAdd tophat with slots to rock your favorite trading cards, thanks Valdark and Creep!
  • Added a gold and tarnished silver pocket watch, thanks Creep and DrDeSync!
  • Increased the despawn timer for Craftable Leather Sacks (now 6 hours)
  • You can now combine Codeine, Purification, Charcoal and Tetracycline tablets by dragging them onto each other. Same type only of course.
  • Random amounts for pills (Codeine, Tetracycline, Charcoal, Purification, etc.)