DUG Mod Update #12 Overview


4 years ago

A Surprise, to be Sure…

With the quick launch of DayZ v1.07 to the Stable Branch, our Team could only push out a part of our Last Update to our Servers to tide people over as we continued working on the remaining parts we believed needed more time to work on and test to make sure they are what we wanted. As a result of this additional time we decided to push back the date on when we originally planned on wiping both our servers. This has now been scheduled for Feb. 16, 2020 at 12 PM EST. With this new wipe you will see some new changes and additions yet again…

For Starters

A known issue that has resulted in players being stuck with random characters, which resulted in them either constantly respawning for a chance to get the character they wanted or to leave the server and rejoin has been fixed!

To store your preferred character model you have to configure your character once after you have died or have no character on the server: If you have just died you have to exit the game through the exit button in the menu instead of the respawn button. If you have no character load DayZ with the required mods through the launcher. In both cases you can now continue with the next step: Click the arrows around your name to go left and then customize. Set your character how you want it. Enter the server and this will be your character. The settings are saved even after restarting your game. If you want to switch to a new character you have to follow the steps again, this will probably include dying if your character is still alive.

One (Re)Size Fits All

We have done a first-pass through the Vanilla DayZ items to size each one in a way that makes more sense than they do currently. We chose to strive for sizes that reflected the way they were back in 0.62, but even some of those sizes didn’t make sense to us either, so we had to give our own take on how big (or small) each item should be. With this change you should see a lot more room for clothing and if we deem it necessary we will do another pass in the future for more items, but for now we are happy with what we have. To put it into better perspective, more than 60+ items have been rescaled for this update. This number does not include all the variants for each item either!

Some New Tools

The TR-4 Recon Pipe (Created by Creep) was developed from the 1950’s – 1970’s, designed for observations of the battlefield from cover, target searching, measuring ranges on a goniometric grid, measuring angles between targets and to help adjust a Sniper’s shooting. With its 4x magnification (and custom reticle) you will find its view is much more restricted than other optics.

TR4 Recon Pipe in DayZ

Base Owners will find it a good way to not get their head taken off to look over a wall and Ghillie owners will find it to be a great tool for scouting, or assisting the teammate with better aim!

We also have a new mod to add to your modlist when joining the server: Ear-Plugs by Cooltrain. Ear-Plugs allows you to lower your volume via a rebindable key to a custom set level which you can then toggle on and off. While Ear-Plugs is active there will be a small icon on the left side of the screen to let you know that your sound level is being modified. When changing the audio level up and down a new number showing the audio value (In percent) will be displayed before fading out – The default audio level reduces all sound effects by 80%. We hope you all enjoy this new addition to the DUG servers!

The Rework for Guns

All Automatic and Submachine Weapons will be harder to use this update. Roughly all weapons had a similar recoil and sway value set to them, with no consequences of having or not having attachments to said weapons. This has now changed. You will quickly find that the less attachments your weapon has, the harder it will be to control the weapon when firing. To have “full control” of your weapon again you will need to find all attachments needed to complete a gun. A “fully decked” weapon will have the same recoil as the weapon had in the previous patch.

We’ve also included NotABanana’s RealisticCrosshair mod to the server (you do not need to add this to your modlist). Bullets will now fire from the barrel and not the player’s crosshair. We believe this addition will help us continue to reach towards the 0.62 Parity we are striving for. Thank you again NotABanana for your awesome work!

Read (and Write) All About It!

This Update also brings back the return of Notes thanks to Wardog (You will need this in your modlist)! Find yourself a pen and a piece of paper to write something down and leave it in a form of inventory for someone to come across and read! Write about your adventures, your shopping list or maybe a threat to a rival group taking up refuge in your territory! The possibilities are just about endless.

Do note once you complete writing something with a pen you will not be able to write on it again (this might change in the future)! Once you finish your note you can place them onto walls, trees and other types of places (trading cards can also be placed onto the same objects, too) for people to read!

More Additions and Bug Fixes

  • Fix for sawing off a painted Mosin to keep its paint afterwards
  • Update to Photo Camera’s reticle
  • Humans now have fat again, this time with Kuru inside!
  • Backpacks are now repairable with Leather Sewing Kits
  • Packed Tents now have a 6 hour lifetime, Deployed Tents still last 3 weeks
  • Temporarily disabled putting Tents, Barrels and Sea Chests into containers to prevent a crash
  • Disabled spawning of Mines, Explosive Grenades and Flash Grenades
  • Matchboxes no longer spawn full
  • Updated Wolf Clothing textures

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