DUG Mod Update #19 Overview


2 years ago

New Update Hype

The first update to DayZ for 2022 is finally here! From the base raiders and to those who can barely get off the coast, you may be happy to hear we will not be wiping our server for DayZ 1.16. For this update we have a few new goodies to share with you that a couple of our older players will definitely be happy to get their hands on again after all this time… But first let’s go over the “newest” of the new.

Updated Cosmetic – Armband Alterations

Players will now have the option of choosing which arm an armband can go on be it right, left… or both! Players will need to combine two of the same kind of armband to wear on both arms. Armbands have also been resized to fit all tops as close as possible to help remove that “floaties” feel while also not having any egregious clipping with the models.

New Emotes – Symptoms

6 emotes are now available for you in the new Sickness section of the Gesture Wheel. Choosing any of the following emotes will play its associated animation and/or sound. While the option was available to add additional emotes like Health States we found too much potential for abuse. This may be revisited in the future.

Inventory Changes

Previously any item on a player could be placed anywhere on their person and could still be added to one of their hotbar slots. To make the player think more about what they carry on their person items can now only be hotbarred if they are directly seen in the player’s inventory. Items placed in a storage container like a cooking pot or protector case will lose its hotbar slot once placed back into your inventory. This change does not effect storage items on belts as the items are still visible within the inventory unless it is also placed in the player’s inventory.

Weapon Cleaning Kit Changes

We’ve been going over your feedback for some time now over the decision to remove the option of combining weapon cleaning kits with one another and you should now find that Weapon Cleaning Kits can once again be combined to use whatever was left over from one of your last weapon maintenance checks.

New Weapon – The Slingshot

The Slingshot is an improvised weapon made to propel small projectiles with its elastic straps. It was commonly found in the back pockets of young vandals back in the day. You will need to craft Pebbles by finding Small Stones and break them down with a hammer, pickaxe or another small stone. We’re curious to see who can get the first long-range kill with this… Big thanks to DDU for helping us bring this to DUG!

The Old is New Again

It’s been roughly 3 years since we lost a weapon that was considered primitive to some, precious to others. With the help of DDU we breathe new life into the survival combat of DayZ. Players may notice these new weapons use gun sounds in certain animations and we are currently working with some of the top minds of the modding community to see if these can be replaced.

We are proud to announce the Bow.

New Weapon – The Improvised Bow


Crafted from a long wooden stick and a rope, this simple combination can have rather deadly results when in the right hands. While it might not be as sturdy as its brother, it makes up for with its light weight and small size.

New Weapon – The Recurve Bow

The Recurve Bow is a sturdier but heavy weapon that will last far longer than the Improvised Bow. Stay clear of any archer with this in their hands.

New Ammunition – Arrows

Archers have a choice between 3 craftable tiers of arrows or finding the illusive composite arrow. Each level of crafting (Stick, Improvised and Bone Tip) will increase its effectiveness in a numerous amount of ways. You will need to gather the proper resources from your environment and local farm animals for feathers and bones.

Practice Makes Perfect

When arrows are fired there will a high chance the arrow is retrievable depending on what the arrow hit. Arrows will stick to the surface of a majority of objects and terrain, but will usually fall to the ground if the arrow strikes a person, animal, infected or drivable vehicle. Do you have any ideas of what or who you will use as target practice?

New Weapon – The Crossbow

The Crossbow is arguably the most powerful bow out there due to its design similar to that of a firearm. This weapon fires an ammunition unique to its type known as Bolts.

New Weapon – Old Crossbow

This medieval-style crossbow may look cool, but users will find it troublesome to aim true due to the bolt blocking any chance of a more accurate shot. You may find yourself more in luck by firing vaguely towards your target and hoping you hit. Just like the old days…

New Ammunition – Bolts

Bolts are the only ammunition used with Crossbows. This ammo type is considered to be the deadliest of all the long-shafted projectiles that could even bring one of the heaviest armored survivors to their knees if used appropriately. Remember to always make your aim true!

Closing Words

We hope we’ve dropped a couple jaws from this update and its all thanks to the kind folks at DayZ Down Under for helping us out with all the new weapons as it wouldn’t have been possible without them. Be sure to send them a ton of love and support as they are a community just like us! Get out there and try out some of the new weapons, and be sure to pester your teammates with a couple of rocks to their shins with the new Slingshot.

For our newer players and members, be sure to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter and Apply to our Whitelist so you can keep up to date with all the happenings regarding our server and community!


  • 1.16 compatibility fixes.
  • Reduced range at which the clown nose will attract infected.
  • Added the option to wear an armband on left arm, right arm or combine two of the same kind to wear on both arms.
  • Added a slingshot which can fire stones. Find a small stone and break it into smaller stones using a hammer, pickaxe or another small stone. 
  • Add a sickness section to the gestures wheel, keybinds available too.
  • You can now only have an item on your hotbar if you can directly see it in your inventory.
  • Reduced the reflectiveness on bomber jackets.
  • Added bows and arrows. Craftable bow, rope and long stick and arrows from sharpening wooden sticks and adding feathers and bone as upgrades.
  • Chickens will give feathers when skinned.
  • Added crossbows and a bolt.
  • Added two new original songs on cassette tape by Lonesome with Company.
  • Weapon cleaning kits can now be combined.