Sniper in Staroye

Sniper in Staroye

A story of snipers and survivors on DayzUnderground.

DayZ Server Owners Newsletter #4 shares updates on Experimental 1.01 Server Files,
Persistence Backups & More

DayZ Server Owner Newsletter #4

The fourth DayZ server owner newsletter answers our questions and provides info on Experimental 1.

Settlement – The Story of Anton

Settlement – The Story of Anton

Anton had always been one to settle and for a moment it all seemed so beautiful, almost idyllic.

Overlooking the city of Berezino, an iconic place in the survival game DayZ

January Staff Meeting Summary

We installed our first mod, added new server settings, are working on shiny stuff for the community and consolidate our growth.

Serdtse Volka (Heart) – Groups and Factions

Serdtse Volka (Heart) – Groups and Factions

Heart is a DayzUnderground group shrouded in mystery that walks a fine line between committing good and evil deeds.

A story by /u/AgainstArchitecture about his character’s recollection of his first moments landing on the shores of Chernarus.

Winter Wakes – A DUG Story

A survivor shares his story of waking up on the coast and reminiscing on events that led to his crash on the beach.

The golden jackals are one of the dayz group and factions of the dayzunderground server

The Golden Jackals – Groups and Factions

The Golden Jackals: Part mechanics, entertainers, arms dealer, and more.

DayzUnderground Blog Entry by Tatanko visiting the real DayZ Chernarus

Tatanko Visits the Real DayZ Chernarus

I had the opportunity to live out every DayZ fan’s dream: I visited Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic, otherwise known as “real life Chernarus.

DUG Memories – Community Contest Winners

DUG Memories – Community Contest Winners

A collection of stories from DUG prior to DayZ 1.