Fishing Mod Released


5 years ago

Fishing Mod by ZeroY and DayzUnderground Released

Since our last survival focused mod update that added back leather crafting and spraypainting among more tweaks, our modding team continues to work on realizing more aspects of DUG’s unique vision for the game.

Next up on the line is another popular survival feature: fishing!

Especially with our hardcore survival rebalance of the game, finding food can be a real challenge. With the introduction of fishing, we are offering another alternative.

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

Based on the initial implementation by ZeroYAmmo of our modding team has improved and changed the code and shared the results back with ZeroY and his “Zeroy-FishingZ” mod on the Steam Workshop.

We want to thank ZeroY for his work and allowing us to integrate it into the DUG mod, which means you wont have to load any new mod into our mod list.

dayz fishing mod by dayzunderground

We’re bringing back fishing! Craft yourself a rod and hook with bait and cast your line!

Hook, Line and Sinker

Once you have gathered all necessary tools and supplies, fishing is quite simple. Here are all steps required:

  • Craft an improvised fishing rod with rope and a long stick
  • Make a bone hook by combining a knife and bones
  • Use a shovel or other tools to dig in the ground for worms
  • Add the worm to the bone hook to craft bait
  • Combine the hooked bait with the rod
  • Find a water source, get close to it and hold left mouse
  • When you’re done fishing, check what you got on the ground next to your feet

You can catch Carp in fresh water ponds and Mackerel in the sea. Every usage of the rod will slowly degrade it. You’ll have a chance to catch fish, catch nothing or loose your bait if you catch nothing. Cut up the fish into filets to grill or cook it.

While you’re at it, why not have a cassette player with some music besides you? Since the initial release, we’ve doubled the amount of tapes you can find.

Have fun fishing, you might even dig up some trash or treasure!