DayzUnderground Groups and Factions: The Lucky Bastards

It all began one fatal night when a hellish storm lunged their ship onto the cliffs at Rify in the north eastern parts of South Zagoria, Chernarus.

The third DayZ server owner newsletter

The DayZ server files release for download and give admins the ability to self-host and customize more aspects.

The groups and factions of DayzUnderground: The 506

A significant force for interaction and stories among the DayzUnderground community.

The DayzUnderground server is switching to DayZ 0.63 Experimental!

The DayzUnderground server is updating to the new Experimental branch with content update 1.

The second DayZ server owner newsletter

Community servers can update to the Experimental branch and server files will release soon.

DUG Groups and Factions – The Cult of Papa

In this series, we will be highlighting groups and factions of players on DayzUnderground.

Summer Showdown Highlights – September 1st

With the DayZ community in a weird spot in terms of game development, we at DayzUnderground have created several events in the month of August called Summer Showdown.

DayZ Event Capture the Barrel II on September 8th 16:00 EDT

Competing teams, 2 barrels, capture zones, teamwork, deadly weapons and only one winner, join the Capture the Barrel II Event on September 8th.

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This is the first DayZ server owner newsletter update

The first update prepares us for the switch to the experimental branch.