Item persistence timers on Dayz Underground

What can be buried and persistence timers

Here’s what you can bury and for how long crates, walls and other items stay persistent without interaction on DUG.

JohnLegendRIP Dayz Underground interview

JohnLegendRIP – DUG Interview Series 2019

Today, we’re speaking with JohnLegendRIP, a well-respected storyteller, versatile role-player and community member.

Dayz Underground Interview Lucky Bastards RedStar

Redstar – DUG Interview Series 2019

In this interview we speak with RedStar, long-serving community member, storyteller and member of the Lucky Bastards.

dayz underground livonia hardcore server

Livonia – A New Hardcore Experience

We’re launching a new Livonia Hardcore Survival server, open to everyone.

DUG territory and POI map – November 2019

DUG territory and POI map – November 2019

The 15th DUG faction and group territory plus points of interest map is here, guiding you across Chernarus on the DayzUnderground server.

DUG Mod Update #10 Overview

DUG Mod Update #10 Overview

The DUG mod update #10 adds new content, less-than-lethal ammo, and re-introduces missing features.

Dayz Underground Interview with madyb

DUG Interview Series 2019: madyb

In the second interview of the series, Jallen speaks with madyb, a long-standing member of the community who is famous for his all-red attire.

dayzunderground parade of corpses event

The Parade of Corpses Event

Survivor GameZ meets Tower Defence – Join the Parade of Corpses event and fight or forge alliances and take on the Clowns.

DUG Interview Series 2019: Ammo

DUG Interview Series 2019: Ammo

DUG team member, talented modder and diverse roleplayer; get to know Ammo.

Fishing Mod Released

Fishing Mod Released

Our modding team has released a fully fleshed fishing mod based on the initial implementation by and with permission from ZeroY.