DUG Mod “Survival” Update #9 Overview


5 years ago

Time to get your hands dirty – Leather tanning and spraypaint

While the DUG modding team has released many smaller fixes and new features over the past weeks, we always summarize more substantial updates to the custom DayzUnderground community mod in their own separate news posts.

We’re now bringing you a large update with popular survival features returning, bug fixes and more base raiding balances.

We’re bringing back tanning and spraypainting!

tanning and spraypainting in dayz

Crafting and tanning leather

You can now tan leather and craft clothing from it as well as dye it.

  • Added: crafting of improvised leather clothing from tanned leather
  • Added: Improvised leather vest, hat, shoes, jacket, pants and gloves
  • Added: ability to tan leather using a barrel
  • Added: dye leather in a barrel using birch or oak bark and nails

While we counted on BI eventually re-introducing these features into the game, we are happy to now offer them to our players already. We’ve kept recipes true to older DayZ versions, check the DayZ wiki for recipe reference.

Please be aware that while leather items can be damaged like any other, they will currently always show their “pristine” textures.

Spraypaint items

Another feature we’re excited to see return is spraypainting. You’ll now find cans of spraypaint across the map that allow you to paint various types of gear in either green or black.

  • Added: Spraypaint cans
  • Added: Spraypaint support for all Ghillie items, Mosin, SKS, CR527, motorbike helmet, Gorka Helmet, ballistic helmet, flight helmet, firefighter axe

More changes:

  • Cannabis cannot be eaten anymore. You can still smoke it.
  • Stitching wounds consumes more of the kit
  • Reduced Kuru laughter frequency
  • Combination locks will now ruin after they are cut off a gate. You can still dismantle them from the inside.
  • New high quality joint model, including smoke effects
  • New faction and territory map
  • M65 jackets are spawning again
  • Cassette player fixes

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