Fists of Gold Fight Championship – 20th July


5 years ago

The Golden Jackals are proud to announce the 2nd Annual Fists of Gold Fight Night Championship!

After a grueling set of four regional fights to determine the regional champions, we have 8 fighters ready to bring their all in this fight to see who earns the title of Fists of Gold Champion. Last year, Dark as Midnight member Bullet claimed victory at Devil’s Castle but sadly was eliminated in this year’s regional fight. Dark as Midnight will pass the Fists of Gold trophy over to this year’s winner once they have been crowned.

This year’s fighters are:

  1. [FL] “Silent Joe” Fraser
  2. [Flock] Kingfisher
  3. [RISE] Vain
  4. [PTU] John
  5. [506] Hawk
  6. [506] Ian
  7. Poet
  8. Ish
  9. (Alternate) BS Kelso
  10. (Alternate) TBD

Event Information

When: 20 July 2019 at 5pm EST (Note: this will be a whitelisted event, which is only accessible to members. Apply to join the community to get access to future events.)

Where: “The Dome of Thunder” Arena at┬áSummer Camp Arsenievo (North of Severograd Quarry)

Why: To see quality boxing, interactions, and more in a fun event setting. There will be plenty of people to trade with at the fight, and survivors will be allowed to make bets during the fight as the event progresses. Bring gear and items you wish to trade and bet!

Event Rules

The same rules at the Regional Fights still apply here. A short rundown:

  • Anyone may come as long as they pay the entry fee of 20 nails OR 5 bullets of rifle ammo (except fighters)
  • Food/medical attention may or may not be provided – if so, you may need to trade for it
  • Security has been hired for the event
  • There will be several times where exhibition fighting will be allowed. This means ANYONE can challenge anyone to a fight! Are you up to the challenge?
  • Anyone attacking the fight will be disqualified from any future fight nights hosted by the Golden Jackals