The Humans of Chernarus Photo Series Part 2

The second part of “The Humans of Chernarus” photo series shows us more survivors who all have different ways to cope with this new and desolate world.

DayZ Community Stream Recap – June 15th

The Community Stream was not a developer Q&A but still gave us this interesting info.

DayZ 0.63 Experimental Update releases and improves DayZ with new engine and features

These engine and gameplay changes are coming to DayZ.

The Humans of Chernarus Photo Series

“The Humans of Chernarus” is a photo series showing portraits of real survivors on DUG, what they go through to survive and the stories they experienced along the way.

DayZ Status Report Highlights – June 5th

A short summary of all important DayZ Status Report info.

A Departure to the Unknown

We’re on a boat, shipping UN crates labelled emergency relief when we find out where we’re heading, our departure into the unknown written by SevRoks begins.

What’s New? All DayZ 0.63 Stress Test Changelogs

Find out what’s new and stay up-to-date on all new DayZ Stress Test changelogs.

King of Northeast Airfield. May 19th 16:10 EST

In this event we’re taking the fight to Northeast Airfield where teams will do everything to win and be crowned Kings.

Capture the Barrel 28th April 4PM EST

EVENT NAME: Vybor/Stary Capture the Flag TIME: April 28th, 16:00 EST LOCATION: Vybor, Stary Sobor and the surrounding area DURATION: 90 minutes OBJECTIVE: Competing teams will attempt to take and control the opposing team’s barrel while simultaneously protecting their own.

King of Severograd (King of the Hill Event) – April 14th

EVENT NAME: King of Severograd Construction LOCATION: Severograd and surrounding area DURATION: 90 minutes   OBJECTIVE: Competing teams will attempt to take and hold the construction building for the duration of the event.