dayz casette player mod release

Arkensor and DUG Release Cassette Player Mod

In cooperation with Arkensor, DayzUnderground is releasing a working cassette player with various playable tapes.

Cherno Sauna Society is a group in DayzUnderground

The Cherno Sauna Society is recruiting!

Are you a relaxed, easy-going person then join the Cherno Sauna Societey, a small aid station and meeting point collective.

dayzunderground event by RISE

The Revival – DUG Event by RISE faction

Free yourself, and join The Revival, the DayzUnderground faction RISE is organizing a small event this Saturday, open for all.

DUG Mod Update Overview #8

DUG Mod Update Overview #8

The DUG modding team releases updates that fix bugs, tweak basebuilding and other gameplay as well as a sneak peek of a large content patch coming soon.

The Black Sheep are a friendly group that help passerby’s in Guglovo and defend their town in DayzUnderground.

Regional Fight Club – 16 June

DayZ Server Owners Newsletter #4 shares updates on Experimental 1.01 Server Files,
Persistence Backups & More

FIX Bad version, server rejected connection 2020

Use these 5 fixes to solve a common DayZ issue you might encounter when connecting to servers.

Pavlovo Trade Union – Groups and Factions

Pavlovo Trade Union – Groups and Factions

Do you want to trade? Use the large trader network of the PTU, one of DUG’s oldest official factions.

DUG Mod Update #7 Overview

DUG Mod Update #7 Overview

Here are all the changes and fixes that recently came to our players with the DayzUnderground mod.

dayzunderground territory faction map article

New Faction and Group Territory Map June 2019

The 12th DUG faction and group territory plus points of interest map is here, guiding you across Chernarus on the DayzUnderground server.