DayzUnderground Military Clothing Pack Release


5 years ago

DayzUnderground military clothing pack adds over 100 unique new military clothing items

Over 100 new high-quality and authentic custom textures

Today we have released our our second major clothing pack, part of the custom DayzUnderground server mod. Available now, our players get over 100 new , unique  and exclusive military clothing items and variations.

With our first release we are covering a huge variety of assets and introduce several new camouflage patterns. They include

  • US Multicam
  • US M81
  • US Marpat
  • Russian EMR
  • Russian Berezka
  • Russian Tigr
  • Russian Digital Flora
  • German Flecktarn
  • German Tropentarn
  • and more

These cover multiple categories: New pants, jackets, backpacks, hats, vests, gloves and more, giving you new opportunities for your character customization. We are only sharing a few limited previews of the content through our Discord and Twitter – the vast majority is for you to find out!

With this being our first release, we will be working on more content and expanding your options further. If you have suggestions or found bugs, please share them through our Discord !

A Tropentarn M65 jacket, part of the DayzUnderground military clothing pack.

The DayZ mod bandit – The M65 jacket now also comes in a new Tropentarn with matching pants. Military veterans will probably recognize those gloves too.

Authentic details and high quality

With the DayzUnderground military clothing pack, we have focussed a lot on delivering high quality and overall authenticity with details. All of our new items exist in the real world, we are not inventing fantasy pieces. Color schemes are kept as authentic as possible and little details such as patterns not spreading across pockets, correct markings, tags, pattern scale etc. make this mod stand out.

Police Officer outfit of the DayzUnderound mod

The release also covers semi-military items such as this new police officer uniform, also coming in a black “OMON” special police variety.

We hope our DayzUnderground players enjoy the added variety. Stay safe out there!

The DayzUnderground Team