A new public hardcore survival server


5 years ago

No whitelist, no forms – “PUG” a new spin-off public hardcore survival server

We are excited to announce we have launched a new hardcore survival server. It’s not a second DUG server but a completely separate and new spin-off hardcore survival server open to everyone.

Since we released the DayzUnderground mod that rebalances DayZ into a much more hardcore survival experience, we have seen explosive popularity. It is clear that a lot of people were waiting for an experience that captures some of the Dayz mod feelings and a particular vision of a more hardcore version of DayZ where more decisions matter.

The DayzUnderground server got to a point where we just couldn’t handle all the people wanting to play. Almost every single day, the queue limit of 50 was maxed out. With a full server and 50 people in queue, players couldn’t even get in line to join.

Naturally, we also attract a lot of people who are mainly just interested in the unique hardcore survival and our custom mods but not invested into the community or not liking our whitelist with scheduled open days.

For that purpose, we have opened a new, completely separate server. We are giving it the lovely nickname “PUG”, standing for “Public Underground”.

PUG new public hardcore survival server

We ran an unannounced performance trial for a little over a week now. This has been a great success!

The server has been full every single day and is now launching while already being in the global top 20 of all DayZ servers. Performance so far has been very stable.

For those that enjoy hardcore survival

A new public spin-off hardcore survival server, separate from DUG.

This new server is not a second DUG server. DayzUnderground stands for an amazing community, years worth of stories, characters, groups, factions, organic roleplay and a uniqe DayZ experience.

This new server is entirely separate from DUG and focuses purely on the hardcore survival aspect. While we encourage interactions and organicRP, all of DUG’s stories and groups and factions remain on the DUG server. Expect a new kind of gameplay where new groups and stories will most likely form over time.

The server details:

  • Server name: “Public Hardcore Survival by DayzUnderground.com”
  • 75 slots
  • Always open, no whitelist, no applications.
  • Hardcore Survival modset. Same mods as on DUG have to be installed and loaded.
  • Hosted in CA with good ping for both US and EU.
  • Private hive. No data or characters are shared across to the DUG server.
  • New, separate spin-off server.
  • Shared banlist.
  • Interactions encouraged.

Always open, no application, no whitelist

This server will never be whitelisted. It will be open all the time for all players, and you will not be required to fill out a whitelist application to play on it.

In the DayzUnderground Discord, we have a dedicated section for the PUG server with public channels where you can chat and find others to play or trade with.

Separate server, same hardcore survival mods

While no groups, factions or stories are shared between the servers, all of the mods, rules, and core principles we stand for here at DayzUnderground will still apply on this new server. Our admin team will be as dedicated to catching rule-breakers, glitchers and hackers here as on our community server. The servers will share a banlist.

The mod set will stay the same, except for perhaps a few minor tweaks to make the distinction between the two servers clear.

We are excited to be able to provide a server to the new hardcore survival audience while continuing to focus on providing a great experience for the DUG community and our server.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to keep up to date on server and modding news.