DUG Mod “Survival” Update #9 Overview

DUG Mod “Survival” Update #9 Overview

With the most recent DayzUnderground mod update we are bringing back popular survival features to DayZ.

dayzunderground map of faction territory august 2019

New DUG territory and POI map – August 2019

The 13th DUG faction and group territory plus points of interest map is here, guiding you across Chernarus on the DayzUnderground server.

new modded items by munghard and windstride

New items by Munghard and Windstride in DUG mod

We want to thank Munghard and Windstride for their amazing contributions to the DUG mod.

dayzunderground public hardcore survival server

A new public hardcore survival server

DayzUnderground launches “PUG” a new and separate spin-off public hardcore survival server with no whitelist.

fists of gold championsip 2019 dayzunderground event

Fists of Gold Fight Championship – 20th July

The Fists of Gold Championship is back.

dayzunderground military clothing pack release

DayzUnderground Military Clothing Pack Release

The DayzUnderground military clothing pack releases over 100 new and unique military clothing items with a focus on detail and authenticity.

dayz casette player mod release

Arkensor and DUG Release Cassette Player Mod

In cooperation with Arkensor, DayzUnderground is releasing a working cassette player with various playable tapes.

Cherno Sauna Society is a group in DayzUnderground

The Cherno Sauna Society is recruiting!

Are you a relaxed, easy-going person then join the Cherno Sauna Societey, a small aid station and meeting point collective.

dayzunderground event by RISE

The Revival – DUG Event by RISE faction

Free yourself, and join The Revival, the DayzUnderground faction RISE is organizing a small event this Saturday, open for all.