Application and Whitelist FAQ


5 years ago

Answering the most common questions

In this article we answer the most common application and whitelist questions. While most of this info is also shared in the application form itself, here is a short overview of everything you need to know about applying to join the DayzUnderground community.

How do I know if I’m approved or not?

You receive an E-Mail with your application result and feedback.

We send an E-Mail to every applicant when their application was reviewed and processed. Every approved new member receives a welcome E-Mail with information. You’ll automatically be whitelisted and given access to our private forum and member channels in Discord.

Everyone who was denied receives an E-Mail with basic feedback and tips.

We do not send out confirmation mails for receiving your application, we only send you your result.

Please also check your spam folder!

How long does the review take?

It usually takes 2 weeks or less.

Our application process is not based around quiz questions, all of our 3 main application questions are open-ended. Reviewing them and all other aspects of the application takes time.

Our application team reviews them regularly and reviews most within 2 weeks or less.

There will most likely be some periods where things take longer due to an extremely large amount of applications.

Do not expect to be whitelisted on the same day. We ask you to be patient and respectful.

Is the server locked behind the whitelist? How do I join?

No! Anyone is free to join the server!

Whitelist is currently intended for those interested in further integrating within the community. This means posting stories, sharing content from in-game or even something you’ve made yourself. If you are not whitelisted, you can play!

We very strongly recommend everyone to play on the server first before applying to join the community and getting whitelisted!

Why was my application denied?

We send an E-Mail to everyone with their application result and some basic feedback. Obviously we cannot provide individual feedback to every single of our hundreds of applicants each week/day but we will provide you pointers.

Please also respect that we keep feedback somewhat vague as we do not want to provide model answers that lead to non-genuine applications.

Here are common reasons on why applications are denied.

  • Read – don’t skim. A lot of people rush through the form and don’t read properly, leading to mistakes that could easily be avoided.
  • The application is way too short for us to get a genuine impression of you: We don’t expect long essays but single word answers or two sentences do not give us enough information to make a good decision and are denied. Keep in mind that what you write there will mainly shape the impression we get from you.
  • The majority of the content is irrelevant: We don’t care about the length as much as the content. While some some people may write a lot, we often get irrelevant information.
  • The application is not specific enough: We want to learn more about you and decide if DUG is the right community for you. Share specific thoughts, ideas and plans. “DUG is the best!” doesn’t tell us anything about you.
  • Invalid account data: Applications with false Steam ID 64’s, Discord or Reddit usernames are automatically denied without review. Please make sure to get these three right!
  • False expectations: DUG has a unique approach to Roleplay. Make sure it is right for you before applying by getting some experience playing on the server.
  • Red Flags: There are certain things that are sure to get your application denied. Recent issues with hacking, lies, racism or other bullshit will not be tolerated in any form.

Can I apply multiple times?

Yes! There are no limits on how often you can apply. Though please take some time to improve your next application and don’t apply again before your previous one was fully received and you got your result via E-Mail.

I’m a member but I cannot cannot access Member areas. Do I have to apply again?

No! If you have access to our private forum, you are a member and should be whitelisted. If you have ever been a member, you should still be whitelisted. We do not remove for inactivity. Message us your Steam ID 64 and Reddit username and we will fix your entry.

A few last words

Applying to join the community is not a formality. Don’t apply just looking to get whitelist access on the server on the same day. We are building a community and want every new member to feel welcomed and contribute towards what makes our community special.

If we can give you some advice: Play on the server, know what to expect and be a good person. The best applications usually come from people who enjoy the DUG server and are looking to get further involved with the community.