New items by Munghard and Windstride in DUG mod


5 years ago

More amazing contributions to the DUG mod

Through the DayzUnderground mod we not only rebalance the game into a true hardcore survival experience that makes more of your decisions matter, but we are also adding a lot of custom content.

We are very thankful to have a large team of amazing modding contributors who help us to realize more and more of our and the community’s visions.

When it comes to mods, we want to keep the number of external dependencies as low as possible and are very thankful for the contributions of multiple mod authors such as Cleetus (NoFenceCollisions), Indianawinny (Increased Lumens) that were already integrated into the DUG mod.

New content by Munghard and Windstride!

We want to thank both Munghard and Windstride for their contributions. They have added a functional new Sherlock pipe, Zippo lighter and a set of leggins.

A thank you to Munghard and Windstride

Munghard’s Item Pack:

  • Sherlock Pipe
  • Zippo Lighter

Donations for Munghard

Windstride’s Clothing Pack

  • Leggins in multiple variants.

Donations for Windstride: Paypal: [email protected]

We’ve been working closely with our community member Windstride and will implement more of his models in the future. Thank you for your work buddy!

If you want, please send them some beermoney for their free work!

Do you have relevant experience as well? Let’s get in touch through Discord!