The Parade of Corpses Event


4 years ago

Come join the spectacle – the Parade of Corpses

The Carnival, one of DayzUndergrounds official factions, is organizing an event for DUG members on October 26th at 11AM PST. The Parade of Corpses is a PvP focused event that will pit multiple teams or solo players up against themselves and a horde of deadly clowns.

The Parade of Corpses – Survivor GameZ meets Tower Defence!

Scavenge, strategize and fight!

Make your way across the wasteland, fight off other teams or forge alliances along the way and finally find the right strategy to try and take over the ruthlessly defended Novomitrovsk tower’s top floor. The last survivors holding the floor will win.
Be warned, the clowns will give you the show of your lifetime!

The event will start everyone in different places across the map. You’re given a few basic supplies and a handgun and then either solo or as a team, make your way towards Novo.

In the proximity of wells and scattered throughout the surrounding towns, you will find multiple barrels with useful loot that will give you an edge when approaching the huge city.

parade of corpses dayzunderground event by the carnival

When the heroes leave the stage, the clowns come on! Reserve your spot in the event through the forum here.

In addition to other teams or lone wolves, you will also have to worry about the Carnival’s clowns, who have a tight grip on your objective and had ample time to prepare and crush you.

Led by a man known as Bozo, the Carnival is a group of clowns and circus performers who like to cause mischief and mayhem wherever they can.

The Carnivals is shrouded in mystery. Rumors have it that a man named Angus inherited the circus from his father just prior to the infection. Some say hey are the remnants of a touring carnival that were beaten and murdered by bandits fleeing the infection.

Sign up and reserve your spot

There is a limited amount of slots left in the event, please sign up in the forum here. In the thread is a google form where you enter your details to reserve your spot in the event. Within the forum thread you will also find more detailed information and help.

We hope you’ll enjoy your time and we’re looking forward to finding out who has the last laugh!