The Amazing Race II Event – 18 July


4 years ago

The Pavlovo Trade Union is hosting another round of The Amazing Race!

The PTU will be hosting an event this coming Saturday, July 18th, 2020 at 12pm EST on DayzUnderground for all to attend! This RP/PvP event will test your knowledge and skills as teams of two make their way across the map to the finish line as quick as they can.

Teams will consist of two people per team, and you may make a team preference when you sign up. The sign up link is hereĀ . There will be two checkpoints and a final stop on the other side of the map, and teams will be given 2.5 hours to finish the event. You are allowed to team up with one other team during the majority of the event, but remember – alliances don’t last forever! There will be obstacles and roadblocks throughout the map, so teams will have to play smart in order to win The Amazing Race.

What you need to know

Start Time: 12pm EST

Start Location: Guglovo (Black Sheep Base)

Starting Details: At 12pm EST, event staff will log into the DUG server with a password given to them. Following that, the registered teams will be given the password to log into the server. At 1pm, the first clue for the first checkpoint will be given.

Team Rules





We hope to see you there! Any questions can be directed to PTU Chelsae or DUG Staff in the DUG Discord