Video by: Maximiliano.Gandini
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The Guglovo Baaash – DUG Event

The Guglovo Baaash is a talent show/contest where you can compete to win a prize. Along with that, you watch any of these great talents absolutely free!

Thank you to everyone who showed up for this event and a major thank you to Maximiliano.Gandini who put this entire video together!

A List of Timestamps

0:10 Arrival

1:16 Meeting David

4:00 Telling Max to go first.

5:02 David convinces Max to go first

8:35 Hymn Before the inauguration of the event.

9:58 Guitar

10:49 Guda wants to do a comedy act

13:12 Fabian

13:56 Herr Krantz

17:25 Break

18:00 The heckling of Vaf

21:04 Forest and Jarge

23:00 Fist fight

24:50 Fist fight funeral

25:35 Pitty

28:00 Kaylee’s magic trick

28:50 Mr Blu!

30:11 Mass hypnosis by Graz Ant!

31:35 Song by Mr.Blu and @Bourbon

32:40 Comedy act by Fabian

33:54 Kaylee’s song

36:28 Build up to the crowd surf!

37:40 Mr Blu starts the Love Train to the Love Shack!

43:27 Harrison Bowman with the crowd participation act.

44:30 Fuzz’s act with a smoke bomb!

45:20 Herr Krantz again with a horror story!

46:33 Photo time!

47:25 Smoking a joint with the NCPS guys and Forest.

49:53 Announcing the winners and prices!

53:37 Ending.