The Revival – DUG Event by RISE faction


5 years ago

The Church of the Cause will be opening its doors to the public

The DayzUnderground faction RISE – a group that stands for true freedom, is organizing a small event, open to everyone, this Saturday.

The Cause knows no politics and everyone is welcome to bask in its glory. We will be holding a service in our Novy Sobor Church at 16:30 EST on Saturday, June 29th 2019.

Free yourself, and join us at The Revival.

After the ceremony is complete all participants will purge the lands of Chernarus and attempt to convert its people in honor of The Cause.

Politics, alliances, and friendships will not matter on the day of The Revival. Only the participants will be protected.

You will find there will be some that try to hinder our beliefs, and will stop at nothing to keep this celebration from happening. Do not come to our church expecting to be safe. The Cause welcomes the chaos and as a participant in The Revival you must as well. Chaos resides in every one of us.

Free yourself, and join us at The Revival.

This Revival we will be bringing The Cause to the Central, South and South West of Chernarus. We will be liberating, Guglovo, Zelenagorsk, Pavlovo, Chernogorsk, and any towns in between.