Regional Fight Club Event – 5th May 2019


5 years ago

Blood, Sweat and Bare Knuckles

The Golden Jackals on DayzUnderground are once again hosting their Regional Fight Club Tournament where they will find the eight toughest fighters in Chernarus to compete in the 2nd Fists of Gold Fight Club Championship. Today’s event will be the Northern Division, and three more regional fights will be announced in different parts of the map in the upcoming weeks.

Ruthless Fights – Come watch and bet on the fighters

The first division fight will take place on Sunday, May 5th 2019 at 4PM EST around the Stary Yar area. Everyone is welcome to come watch and bet on fights. Keep your security in mind and bring the payment for the Golden Jackals. More details below.

The top two fighters from each regional fight will go on to fight in the 8 man Fists of Gold Championship where one fighter will be crowned Champion. The Northern Division will consist of the following groups: The Lucky Bastards, Serdste Volka, Black Cross and Flock.

dayz fight club event on dayzunderground

Come visit the first Fight Night division tournament tonight at 4PM EST around Stary Yar, organized by the Golden Jackals and bet on the fighters.

Event Overview

When and where: Sunday, May 5th 2019, around Stary Yar on the DayzUnderground server

Details: Each group will be allowed to nominate two fighters from their group to compete in the regional fight. The format will be round robin, and the two fighters with the best records will move on to the Championship Fight. If there is a tie, those tied will fight a sudden death where the first to call off the fight, go uncon…or die, will lose the tie breaker.

Rules: All fighters will take off all equipment except for pants and footwear. No knives, melee weapons, or brass knuckles allowed. First person to go unconscious or call off fight loses. In the event of a tie, the last person to get off the ground loses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I come watch the tournament?

“Yes, but you will have to pay the Golden Jackals to come in. The payment to enter will be 5 bullets of .308, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x54mm, 5.45x39mm, or 5.56x45mm rounds; OR 20 nails. Ech person must pay this amount. Nominated fighters will not need to pay.”

Will you provide food, water, medical aid, etc. for the fighters or spectators?

“Maybe, maybe not. You should bring the stuff yourself. If you wish to partner your business with us in the fight nights and want to provide food, water, or medicine for others, contact Sayid about setting you up.”

Will there be security for your fight nights?

“We will provide minimal security at our fight nights. Do not expect to be safe. What do you think, this is fucking Fight Night. If you wish to provide security, contact Sayid and we can discuss payment.”

Why is my group not invited?

“Your group may be invited to future regional fight. This includes factionless/lone wolves, who will have their own regional to compete in to go to the championship.”

Final Note: Groups or people that choose to attack the fight nights announced here will be disqualified by the Golden Jackals group from any of their future regional fight club and not be welcomed in any other future fight hosted by The Golden Jackals.

Have fun out there!