DUG territory and POI map – January 2020


4 years ago

The 16th DayzUnderground territory and points of interests map

dayz underground territory map january 2020

Changes in territories, new groups, and more points of interests!

Some of our varied groups and groups that met the faction requirements to be recognized as official DUG factions, claim territories and have built points of interests for other survivors. Every two months, members can claim their territory or POI through the private DUG forum and share it with others if it’s substantiated. Here is the current map that will guide you across the server. You can also find it in the in-game tourist maps and stands.

Compared to the last map, there are changes in territory  and again we have new groups appearing on the map. Thank you all for your unique additions to the DUG community!

Featured Groups and Factions

Please keep in mind that all of these territories and groups represent real people, there are no NPCs. You will probably not always find everyone just as you pass by or find that a POI was torn down. These territories often just show you where these groups are based out of or have ties with through their stories and lore. Do not expect to find everyone loitering and waiting for you just as you might happen to pass by.

Many more groups and official factions currently don’t claim territory and while active in-game, are not featured on the map.

The Lucky Bastards – A lawful neutral official faction consisting of a former freight carrier crew looking to survive in the Chernarussian wilderness, staying loyal to those who deserve it, but fearlessly hunt those who threaten them.

The 506th – A chaotic good official faction that has created the Western Free State and punishes those who would bring evil to their home.

Dark As Midnight – A chaotic evil official faction focused on keeping what’s left of the world in anarchy and doing whatever necessary to protect their haven of Gorka and the surrounding area.

The Black Sheep – A friendly official faction that helps passerbys in Guglovo and defends their town against aggressors.

The Pavlovo Trade Union – A neutral trading faction focused on the exchange of supplies and loot with almost all groups, factions, and survivors.

The Black Cross – Through its strong network of volunteers, donors and partners, the neutral Black Cross faction aspire to turn compassion into action and provide care shelter and hope to everyone affected by disaster.

The Flock – A lawful neutral group of survivors who have vowed to help prevent the spread of unjustified suffering among the people of Chernarus.

The Scribes – A neutral evil group of bandits who seek technology to keep it out of the wrong hands, one way or the other.

Torchwood – A neutral group of survivalists serving as beacons of hope for other survivors by gaining strength through fulfilling contracts to the best of their ability.

Islanders – The Islanders avoid the authority of others, resent restrictions, and challenge the status quo. They’re not out to intentionally disrupt the order of things as part of some chaotic agenda, at least not without good reason. Are they the ultimate free spirits, or just anarchists? It can go either way.

Olixtown – A collective of people who maintain a free city with lockable appartments in southern Chernogorsk with no leaders, laws or judgement. Give respect to get respect.

The Vigil – They aim to bring a lifeless town back to its feet and to create a positive and friendly atmosphere out amongst the surrounding groups. They also aim to supply survivors with a safe place to stop for food, trades and company as well as to build trust among their neighbours and friends, to build bonds that will benefit them and those around going forwards.

DayzUnderground faction and groups

Points of Interest

POIs are player-built locations that offer interesting meetings points or areas that are significant in the stories of people. They can be anything from bases that will be defended to open gathering places and trading posts. Some of those are excellent locations if you’re looking for player interactions! Though keep in mind, everyone is responsible for their own security.

Saint Joseph’s – A church-like refuge made out of a barn in Cernaya Polana. This stopping point in the northeastern part of the map is run by survivors who provide food, supplies, and stories of old to those passing through.

Liberty Airfield – The headquarters of the Chernarussian Provincial Government who are using the airfield to create a central government and establish order in this lawless land.

Gorka – The home of DAMN’s most notorious faction, Dark as Midnight. Find any map in game and it will tell you all you need to know – STAY OUT!

The Guglovo – A base made by the Black Sheep faction on DUG that acts as a stopping point for people moving across the map looking for food or aid.

The Aid Station – A large fortification built at the school in Severograd made by the Black Cross faction, this point of interest is a place where people can find medical supplies and other forms of aid passing through the north.

The Dugout – Part store, part trading post, the Dugout is a camp north of Severograd where people can drop off items and get items in return.

Stary Yar – The base of Stary Yar is found in the village sharing the same name and is home to the Lucky Bastards group.

Pavlovo Trading Post – Home of the Pavlovo Trade Union, this person-run trading post is where survivors can turn to when looking for rare, essential, or highly-desired items.

The Sanctuary – The group Vigil made their base here in Bor that brings its fair share of survivors, both good and evil.

Storohz – This heavily fortified prison is home to the Islanders, but good luck getting there! The swim to the Island and its inhabitants will make your trek strenuous.

Cherno Sauna – A survivor-built sauna made for others to relax and enjoys the sights and sounds of Chernogorsk during the apocalypse.

Olixtown – Survivors have built up the remnants of downtown Chernogorsk into Olixtown, and as they put it, “a dirty old seaside town; a wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

The map making process and how to be on it

Every two months, a few community members come together to create a new territory map that shows the home turfs and points of interests of some of our groups and factions.

The process is quite simple, a thread is posted in our private member forum and any groups or collectives can claim territory or share their points of interest. The map team then votes on those claims based on requirements such as the amount of group members, their ingame and forum activity and what they add to the community and other players.

Do you want to see your group or point of interest featured on the map? Show something unique, get involved with other players and join the community if you haven’t yet! Introduce your group through the forum and then later claim your territory in the next iteration.

We want to again thank everyone involved in this community created map, Abbie for designing the visuals, Jallen who wrote group descriptions here, as well as all players who are represented on it and add more unique aspects to DUG!