DAMN – The Groups and Factions


6 years ago

Painting the town red

Dark as Midnight or DAMN for short are seen by many as a cult or simply mindless cannibals, but neither are true. True anarchists at heart, they are an apocalypse gang in every sense of the phrase and liken themselves to Pirates, Gangsters, or Viking hill tribe barbarians, depending on their wild mood swings.

DAMN do whatever their greed, hatred, or lust for destruction drives them to do. They are hot-tempered, violent and unpredictable. If they are simply out for whatever they can get, they will be ruthless and brutal.

The faction is based in the central town of Gorka, and was founded by a man known to his friends and enemies as “Hex the Immortal.” Ruling Gorka with an iron fist, Hex and his crew of anarchists became infamous for the amount of bodies they were able to pile up in their hometown and abroad. Never backing down from a fight, they have been one of the most active and violent factions seen here on DUG.

No more room in hell: Gorka’s graveyard is littered with the remains of those who try to challenge DAMN.

DAMN can be best identified by red armbands, motorcycle helmets, gas masks, and various clothing items that are Red, Black, Purple, or Pink. The best way for DAMN to tell if you would be a good addition to their big, happy, murderous family is simply by having you run with the group for a while. Warboys are expected to have a basic knowledge of combat, and to be able and willing to follow orders when given. Fully fledged members are expected to be whitelisted, and are held to a high standard in terms of respectful behavior, both in and out of the game.

Find out more about DAMN’s members in their character portraits.

If you find them (or they find you) in Chernarus and you tell them you want to be a Warboy, perhaps they will spare your life and see what you’ve got. To learn more about them, check out their character portraits. You can also find info on their Reddit page or contact them on the DayzUnderground Teamspeak or Discord community server.

This article was written by community member Jallen