Groups and Factions: The Lucky Bastards


6 years ago

Former sailors now surviving among the landlubbers

The Lucky Bastards are a neutral group of sailors and seamen survivors on DUG who have made a name for themselves in the sleepy village of Stary Yar. Originally crashing onto the Chernarussian shore, the group has been searching for their captain and interacting with different survivors of Chernarus to keep alive in this cruel world. The group’s play style, from member Redstar, is “a mix of role play and PvP action depending on mood and player.”

The main goal for us, the Lucky Bastards, is to acquire a working ship, find our lost captain Stella Stavros and sail back to the Haven.


The M/S Lucky Star was a floating sanctuary until one fatal night a hellish storm lunged it onto the cliffs at Rify in the north eastern parts of South Zagoria, Chernarus. The Lucky Bastards have since maintained it as a trading outpost.

While searching the wilderness in the hopes of attaining their goals, they have become involved in many stories and made their fair share of both friends and enemies. Whether it’s slicing down the Cult of Papa, or defending their home of Stary Yar, they are a large force willing to do what is necessary to protect one another.

Adjusting to the new world

“As civilians adjusting to a new world we try to keep our humanity viable. Every now and then, the crew reason about values. There are days when members want to revenge a wounded or dead crewman. There are days when individuals break the Code of Morale. The Code of Morale can be hard to follow, but when we hold on to it, we can find new individuals, or groups of the uninfected to bring back home to Haven.”

Interested in knowing more about the Lucky Bastards? Head over to the Stary Yar area and look for the group wearing navy-blue armbands and distinctive head-gear. “The village of Stary Yar is our home. We found a place to live, to settle down, where the hordes are controllable. We will not keep friendly souls away. We will welcome you if you approach us respectfully but we will also defend it with arms.”

You can find Hybris, RedStar, and other members of their collective up north doing what they do best: survive!

In addition, here is a link to their Youtube channel where you can watch various game play and interactions of them here on DayzUnderground.