The 506 – Groups and Factions


6 years ago

Soldiers, a band of survivors – Who are the 506?

Calling themselves the “People’s Army” and “A Band of Brothers,” the 506 are one of DayzUnderground’s factions that started from a humble beginning and have grown to be a significant force for interaction and pushing stories among the community. Led by George Luz (aka Georgie), the 506 have become familiar with many different survivors on DayzUnderground due to their laid-back approach to interactions and a willingness to get their hands dirty when it comes to PvP action.

We survive. It’s our job. We do what needs to be done. We help our friends, we are a family, a band of brothers. We may not be brothers from birth, or even a family by blood. We are a family we chose ourselves, forming an everlasting bond.

Where was the government when the outbreak happened?

They are driven by a wish to see a return to normalcy in Chernarus, but only if a government is created by the people residing here, and not created by outside forces or groups willing to harm civilians.

DayZ Underground faction and groups include the 506

The 506’s logo is an orange dragon, similar to the war banner of Owain Glyndwr, the last Welsh Prince of Wales.

“Where was the government when the outbreak happened? Why did they abandon us in our time of need?

We believe if any government is to come from the ruins of our civilization it will come from us. The survivors. We are the ones who fought the infected, we are the ones who formed our own lands and groups in order to survive.”

Their philosophy is reflected in the orange dragon, which resembles the war banner of Owain Glyndwr, the last Welsh Prince of Wales who led a rebellion against the English.

You can typically find the 506 wearing orange armbands and hanging out in the western part of the map, including Zelenogorsk and Pustoshka. Recently they expanded their territory claim to the Summer Camp area west of Myshkino, and the town of Myskino itself. They typically monitor the in-game radio frequency 87.8. To ask them about recruitment, contact them on our Teamspeak server with the IP or send them a message through our private subreddit forum.

Approach them with good intentions and the 506 will welcome you. And keep their fingers on the trigger.