Pavlovo Trade Union – Groups and Factions


5 years ago

Building the fabric of society

The Pavlovo Trade Union (PTU) is a generally non-partisan organisation and of the DUGs oldest official factions; dedicated to the exchange of goods, facilitation of trades and meetings between strangers, and the support of public works programmes throughout Chernarus. Firmly committed to their “you fire first, we fire last” rule, they are one of the friendlier factions and groups that you can run into on the DayzUnderground hardcore survival server.

Trading with anyone who hasn’t openly attacked them, regardless of affiliation or reputation, they are the go-to marketplace for common and even the rarest and most exotic products.

Looking to trade something? Get in contact with the large trader network of the PTU by finding them in Pavlovo or through the radio

The union maintains and operates a trading post in the town of Pavlovo, where survivors can meet and carry out the exchange of items under their safety. All are welcome to come here and trade; however, those who visit should know that they refuse to accept human meat as currency!

Flag of the DayzUnderground faction the Pavlovo Trade Union

The intertwined colors of the PTU flag represent the handshake deals the PTU is built on. The white stands for their neutrality and red for the price they pay to upkeep that neutrality.

The Blue List

As a neutral group, the PTU has no allies or enemies. Instead, they operate a listing system based upon their experience with other groups and factions. Those on the “Blue List” are acknowledged as official friends, receiving special pricing and assistance where needed. Those who openly attack the union, such as The Carnival and Dark as Midnight, are placed on the “Black List” and denied any further services.

Blue armbands with gold stars are the official designation of a full PTU member

An blue armband with gold stars is the official designation of a full PTU member and they require their fellow faction members to wear one. Recruits bear the blue raincoat armband until fully accepted. Some PTU members are also known to favour mostly blue items, but it is up to the individual member what they wear. Under no circumstances will PTU members wear red or cover their faces, except with glasses.

The PTU is also very open and friendly towards new players or members of the community. If you would like to become a member of the PTU, send Polecat or ThunderDog a message through Reddit or Teamspeak.

You will need to have read and understood the code of conduct, as well as goals of the PTU. They have a created an extensive field guide for this purpose. You will be expected to join one or more of their members on a patrol, a trade, or in gathering supplies. These members will then assess you, your actions and communication, and relay their findings.

Good luck, and happy trading!

This article was written by community member Jallen