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DayzUnderground is a private organic roleplay community. While our server is open and available for anyone to join, only whitelist community members receive access to our private subreddit and discord channels.

Having your application from here accepted will make you a full DUG community member with whitelist access. You will be able to become a part of DUG’s beating heart: the private forum, where the depth of DayzUnderground with its living universe of lore, groups and factions is awaiting you. As a community member you also get dedicated Teamspeak and Discord channels and a voice in all our community discussions that shape the future of DayzUnderground.

Applications are reviewed within one week but might also take longer. Everyone receives an E-Mail with their result. Want to write a good application? This FAQ will help you!

Our application system is straight-forward and gives you the ability to tell us what you care about. There are no quiz questions or character essays. 

Be honest, genuine, show effort in your application and join a community of like-minded but diverse storytellers.

We also recommend you read these two pages so you understand beforehand if this is the right community for you: Organic Roleplay and our Rules

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