The Black Sheep – Groups and Factions


5 years ago

Friendly survivors helping others in Guglovo

On DayzUnderground, many survivors will come together to build camps and call someplace home. Not all are on a grand mission to ensure chaos upon the land or defeat evil wherever it may be; some simply want to survive and help others along the way. One of these kinds of groups are The Black Sheep.

The Black Sheep are a Chaotic Good group that seeks to help those that cannot easily defend themselves and help those that are in need of assistance.

They have remained loyal to their concept of morality despite the hardships the they have endured under the threat of murderers and wicked men, trying to bring their view of justice in an unjust world. Black Sheep will generally keep to themselves and their friends but will however help those in need if warranted. The Black Sheep try to maintain a staunch idea of neutrality with most groups, even those of which may be warned against. Showing their humorous side, they also have a long term goal of, “the eradication of sunflowers from South Zagoria.”


Finn, one of the founders of the Black sheep sits at a fire. Probably watching sunflowers burn.

Finn, one of the founders of the Black sheep, sits at a fire. Probably watching sunflowers burn.

Guglovo is their turf, come and visit

They are known for their laid back lifestyle, willingness to help others with supplies, but are probably most famously known for their control of the small village of Guglovo which sits at the crossroads of more popular towns like Staroye and Novy Sobor. Black Sheep like to wander the streets and create camps helping other survivors along the way (and keep out ill-minded trespassers of course). The founding members Brokk and Finn found themselves in the town constantly, and it became an important place for establishing their own group.



If you find yourself in Guglovo, keep a friendly eye out for members of the Black Sheep, and perhaps they’ll keep a friendly one out for you! Find them on the DayzUnderground Teamspeak to learn more.


The Black Sheep are a friendly group that help passerby’s in Guglovo and defend their town in DayzUnderground.

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