Serdtse Volka (Heart) – Groups and Factions

Heart is a DayzUnderground group shrouded in mystery that walks a fine line between committing good and evil deeds.

Winter Wakes – A DUG Story

A survivor shares his story of waking up on the coast and reminiscing on events that led to his crash on the beach.

The Golden Jackals – Groups and Factions

The Golden Jackals: Part mechanics, entertainers, arms dealer, and more.

Tatanko Visits the Real DayZ Chernarus

I had the opportunity to live out every DayZ fan’s dream: I visited Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic, otherwise known as “real life Chernarus.

DUG Memories – Community Contest Winners

A collection of stories from DUG prior to DayZ 1.

DayzUnderground is now self-hosted with a new DayZ server

We made the switch to a self-hosted server, here’s what you should know.

What’s in a Picture? An Interview with DrDeSync

Screenshot Artist DrDeSync talks about pictures, the beauty of DayZ and how he all got started.

Chernarus Defense Forces – Groups and Factions

The CDF are a military force who are hoping to bring back normalcy to their beautiful country Chernarus… at any cost.

The Carnival – Groups and Factions

Whether clowns freak you out or not, it’ll be a dangerous freak show when you come across one of DayzUnderground’s strangest groups: “The Carnival”.

DAMN – The Groups and Factions

Never backing down from a fight, DAMN are one of the most active and violent factions here on DayzUnderground.