DUG Memories – Community Contest Winners

A collection of stories from DUG prior to DayZ 1.

DayzUnderground Is Now Self-Hosted

We made the switch to a self-hosted server, here’s what you should know.

What’s in a Picture? An Interview with DrDeSync

Screenshot Artist DrDeSync talks about pictures, the beauty of DayZ and how he all got started.

Chernarus Defense Forces – Groups and Factions

The CDF are a military force who are hoping to bring back normalcy to their beautiful country Chernarus… at any cost.

The Carnival – Groups and Factions

Whether clowns freak you out or not, it’ll be a dangerous freak show when you come across one of DayzUnderground‚Äôs strangest groups: “The Carnival”.

DAMN – The Groups and Factions

Never backing down from a fight, DAMN are one of the most active and violent factions here on DayzUnderground.

Looking death in the eye

These portraits reveal why you should not get caught by the DayzUnderground faction DAMN.

DayZ Status Report Highlights – 25 September

The second DayZ 0,63 content patch is coming soon and this is why we’re excited about it.

Groups and Factions: The Lucky Bastards

It all began one fatal night when a hellish storm lunged their ship onto the cliffs at Rify in the north eastern parts of South Zagoria, Chernarus.

The third DayZ server owner newsletter

The DayZ server files release for download and give admins the ability to self-host and customize more aspects.