Community Spotlight – September 2023


8 months ago

Community Spotlight – September 2023

Welcome to the September 2023 Community Spotlight! In the last edition, we covered some of the best content released over the last few months. Now that we are all caught up, the spotlight will turn it’s attention to more current content being created in the DayzUnderground world. We are seeing more videos and artwork being released recently which has been an exciting creative shift. This spotlight will feature exciting duels to the death, fascinating character introductions, tales of adventure, and the creation of a DUG trading card collection!

As always, we hope that by sharing this incredible collection of DUG content others will be inspired to release content of their own. No story is too big or too small for DayzUnderground so get out there and start your adventure!

“Proper Punishment: A DUEL for Justice” by Legit-POP

This exciting video highlights a showdown to the death as Vadim duels for the revenge of his fallen comrade and Justice of the 506th duels as the person that killed him. Who will win and live to tell the tale? Check out the video below to find out. 

Video by Legit-POP!

“The Tale of Buford Beckett” by VadTheDad

This impactful story video depicts a  heart-breaking tale from Buford Beckett’s past – a moment in time that shaped how his character has developed. Now in the words of Buford himself, “find a nice view and feel the cool breeze through your hair” – and enjoy the video! 

Video by vadthedad

Follow Deyko as he shares his experience playing on DayzUnderground using a mix of real life video with his gameplay to provide a fun commentary experience as he meets various groups and factions on the server!

Video by Deyko

“DayzUnderground Trading Card Set” by Dr. Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy has been working to create trading cards (inspired by Magic: The Gathering) of unique characters, stories and peak in-game moments that have occurred on DayzUnderground throughout the years. You can find a small collection of the cards here, or join our discord to find an up-to-date version where he is still posting new cards!

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