Community Spotlight – November 2023


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Community Spotlight – November 2023

Welcome to the November 2023 edition of the DUG Community Spotlight! This spotlight features some of the most noteworthy and impactful content from last month. From creative group introductions to stories of conflict and resolution, this edition has it all. It has been fascinating to see how our recent shift to Winter Chernarus has impacted the roleplay, interactions, and stories being created on DUG. We hope everyone has been enjoying the change in environment and we encourage all players to take advantage of this scenic change while it lasts!

As always, no story is too big or small on DayzUnderground, so get out there and make your mark!

“The Bronx – The Family – The Movie” by Johnny Pastrami

Inspired by the intro to the hit television series “The Sopranos” this video introduces one of DUG’s newest groups – The Family.

Video by Johnny Pastrami

“The Frozen Wasteland” by Harry Churches

Winter is here. The blizzard that came through destroyed almost everything living, what little there is. Every half mile down the road you’ll find a corpse half buried in a shallow grave of snow. The ones who took their clothes off in confusion as hypothermia set in, and the ones who just couldn’t make it to shelter in time. They were the lucky ones. they don’t have to see what comes next. The hunger games, the squabbles over shelter, and now the cold too.

The new winter in full force just hours after the blizzard.

Despite the devastation a lot of people survived. We’ve had an increase of survivors arriving in Pusta since the storm. I’m glad to see humanity triumph, but amongst all the frostbitten and starving there simply isn’t enough. They all need help but there is simply nothing left to give them, no supplies to help them, no food to eat, we’ve ran out of almost everything. For the first time we’re turning folks away empty handed. It’s a hard call to sentence innocent people to almost certain death to conserve what little we have, but my people must survive. The more Fireflies survive the more lives will be saved in the long run. I won’t let us be buried in the snow and forgotten like the rest.

A survivor being turned away due to lack of supplies. He will likely not survive.

Rebuilding what was destroyed in Pusta will be hard work as usual. As everyone scrambles to look out for themselves, I expect the usual increase in banditry and cannibalism. These conditions bring out the worst in people, and this is the worst I’ve ever seen it. With groups like the Masquerade making threats shortly before the storm, and Pete’s absence, I’ve ordered the tightening up of security in Pusta over the coming weeks, as much as possible with the manpower we still have left that is. But I trust my people, and I know what they’re capable of. Pusta will become a greater safe haven than it ever was before soon enough.

A Firefly patrolling the newly snow covered town of Pusta.

Despite all the damage and destruction morale remains high. The few of us their are have all managed to survive the storm unscathed, and progress has already began on reconstructing camp. New plans have been drawn up to expand into other parts of the town, allowing us to better secure Pusta, and provide for better living conditions as well as to better protect the town. In the face of all the hardship over the last 24 hours, I stand undeterred, my people stand undeterred, and we are ready for what’s to come.

The sun rising on a new day in Pusta.

“Settled Revenge” by Shifty

It had been 289 days since the turn of the year, 289 days since a bunch of wasted nobodies got together to celebrate the New Year, 289 days since Dark As Midnight showered Severograd with bullets & 289 days since I last saw Rolf.

Almost a year later, stood above a tranquil grave in the depths of the Godswoods, Alice handed me her pouch full of pens and paper & I began to write. It had become tradition for a handful of Odyssey members along with Alice to get together every couple of months to visit the grave, write some notes & reminisce on the good times. Sadly, this was the spot where my good friend Rolf had been buried. I’m not usually one for grieving and emotions, but this one hurt.

I’d known Rolf for a long time, fuck, at this point longer than I’d currently known anybody else. Back in 2019 we used to rep the same group and colours of the Cartel. What feels like a lifetime ago we were now the only remaining members left, everybody else had either disappeared or perished. My relationship with Rolf wasn’t as strong back then, we lived under the same roof, grew cannabis together and shot at a few people side by side but he was never somebody I’d consider taking a bullet for. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of our cannabis crops that went missing were because of him but that was the type of guy he was, he was smart but also greedy which ultimately turned out to be his downfall.

The Cartel / Svetlojarsk / 2019

After my departure from The Cartel I didn’t see much of Rolf again, it wasn’t until one autumnal evening 2 years later where our paths finally crossed again. I had heard rumours that an old friend of mine had been spotted up at the Dugout, where I was now living, which is where we eventually had our run in. After an initial catch up and a run down of pointless shit that had happened over the previous 2 years I was curious as to exactly why he was here. For starters he wasn’t dressed like his usual self, he came dripped out in a shiny brand new leather jacket which caught my eye. Rolf later went on to tell me how he had stumbled upon some stashes full of valuables, the greed got the better of him and he was caught in the process. Unfortunately for him the stashes he was going through belonged to the Forsaken Loyalists.

At the time I don’t think he knew the severity of what was to come, to be honest i don’t think either of us did. Rolf went through a list of items that the Forsaken Loyalists were demanding he paid back to them, the list included an AS-VAL, a plate carrier as well as other valuable weapons & items. It’s fair to say at that time he was about as homeless looking as can be, I wasn’t sure whether to just send him on his way and wish him good luck or step in and try to help, given he was an old friend I decided to help. During the days that followed I asked just about everyone I came across if they had the items Rolf was looking for. I was prepared to give away my own personal belongings in order to get the shit he needed to repay his debt, but sadly I failed.

The Dugout church / 2021

In the coming months Rolf would eventually go on to wear that disgusting bright green armband of the Forsaken Loyalists, but as I was led to believe it was by no choice of his own. I don’t know whether the debt had been paid or not, but it was clear he didn’t have much of a say. From my perspective it was like he was being held captive, he either did work for them or they’d kill him type of thing. Whatever was going on, it pissed me off, especially considering during this time my relations with the Forsaken Loyalists were at an all time low to the point of wanting certain members of the group dead.

During Rolf’s time with the Loyalists we remained in contact quite frequently, he would often visit us at the Dugout, probably due to his admiration for Emerson more than anything but Rolf always remained good to me and as crazy as it sounds we grew closer, closer than during our time back in the Cartel together.

Some months had passed and I found myself back down in Bor with the Vigil helping to rebuild and run the Sanctuary. During these times the Loyalists were high up in just about everyone’s list to kill, including the 506th. It was both risky and stupid but I allowed Rolf to visit us at the Sanctuary for a while, all the while knowing that if the 506th had seen him up there they likely would have killed him. We began to do more trading, not just between the two of us but he helped out other members of the Vigil as well. This ultimately put us back in the business books with the Loyalists, it became my way of keeping Rolf close but also having more knowledge on the whereabouts of the rest of his members. Myself and Tony, my co-leader at the time specifically wanted Joe Fraser dead which meant this would potentially be our way of making that a reality. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, Rolf failed to log our trades into their books which meant we were soon trading shots with the Loyalists again instead. He was a fucking idiot for that and I let him know.

Despite the new ongoing war with the Loyalists and my frustrations over him starting this shit again, Rolf did remain loyal, but not to them. One evening a member of ours, Luna, had a barrel of hers found near Bor presumably by the Loyalists. Not much went missing, a few boxes of nails and some other useless bits of shit but those nails were surprisingly returned to the barrel a few days later, Rolf was to thank for that. It was clear to see that he was struggling, he sounded miserable and out of sorts on many occasions. We even hooked him up with a tent or two so he could squat in an apartment down in Chernogorsk to get some peace, it was obvious he wanted to be anywhere but Nagornoe. During his last few months he seemed almost defeated, there was a sense of tension in the air whenever we would meet due to the unpredictability of what he would do next. Rolf knew what loyalty meant, more than the group he was apart of with the damn word in their own name. Lewis who at that time was running the Dugout was rumoured to be wanted dead by the Loyalists, Rolf was the man for the job and had the opportunity to follow through with the orders given to him, instead he spared Lewis his life that night and let him live. He sacrificed his own safety and life for another man who had been good to him. There are many reasons why I’ve grown to dislike the Loyalists, their treatment of Rolf played a key role in that.

289 days ago, on New Years Eve, Rolf was killed. My final moments with Rolf that night were tense, we were both slightly intoxicated and the two of us exchanged punches at one point. The party, hosted by Douglas and Guta was attacked by Dark As Midnight, we lay on the landing together side by side guarding a door and that was that, my final memory with him. He left the building and was murdered soon after. A few months had passed, sat at the old Sanctuary camp which belonged to the Vigil, Danny of Odyssey grabbed our attention to something happening over the radio. I snatched my radio, turned it on and sat back down with Ali to listen in. There was a conversation taking place between Xavier of Dark As Midnight & Alice of the Forsaken Loyalists, within mere seconds of switching the radio on Xavier muttered the words “I think it’s fun if you know anyway, the man who killed Rolf was Vriska…” and that was that, we finally had a name. Alice took us all by surprise in the aftermath to Rolfs death, she seemed to willingly help us out without asking for much back in return and fuck, if it wasn’t for her we would never have had the chance to bury Rolf. Despite her wearing the Loyalists green armband at the time, I was thankful for her.

Severograd / New Years Eve 2022

I’ve left many notes at Rolf’s grave over the past months, often used as an excuse to write down my thoughts so I don’t bore others with them. My anger had been building up recently, Ali had been missing for some time, The Loyalists and Dark As Midnight were nowhere to be seen and revenge for his death seemed like an impossible task. Despite this, I signed off my latest note as always by reminding him that I would seek revenge. A few days had passed, I along with a few other Odyssey members were spending some time in Brixton where we called home. Shots began raining down at us from the Northern hill, thankfully each one of them missing. I remember Lewis shouting “I’ve shot one, It’s DAMN!” as Jack, Alice and Emerson stuck together whilst hunting for the rest who had scurried away. Gunfire could soon be heard again in the distance when Jack screamed over the radio “Lewis, i think it’s Vriska…” shortly followed by “I’ve got him unconscious and tied up…” and to the surprise of everybody present, it was Vriska.

Vriska, with a nasty looking wound to his leg was rushed down to the old Dugout church where he and Lewis exchanged words for a while. There was only ever to be one outcome, Vriska wasn’t leaving alive, but I wasn’t sure if Lewis was prepared to kill his once close friend. I had very few words for Vriska, I looked him in the eyes and let him know I’d be putting a bullet in his head if nobody else did, there was no way out for him.

Vriska and Lewis led the rest of us into a house opposite the Dugout church which had old history and meaning between the two of them. I could tell by his silence alone that Lewis was finally prepared to do it. I glanced over Lewis’ shoulder along with the rest of the Odyssey members as he raised his gun making sure that the final faces Vriska saw that day were the faces of those who he did wrong, with one pull of the trigger it was over, revenge had been settled, for now at least…

The Godswoods / 2023

“The Deck Stacked Against Us” by Ace

Long treks are getting harder and harder. My body isn’t what it was during our early tours.

Ace knew the upcoming party was going to draw some unwanted attention, but his friends from the Bronx were too close to deny the space. He and the Spades had made the long journey west through the old Tisy military base, and even circled through the airfield undetected. They spent a night in Vybor after scavenging the base there and finally made the long journey home with a little extra weight. Necessary weight if things went as expected.

But the pain was too much.

Ace grabbed handfuls of pills, even injected a numbing agent into his legs and back. A wave of pins and needles swept over him and he drifted into unconsciousness. What he had hoped would take the edge off before the party, turned into hours of sleep that he could not be awakened from.

When he finally began to come to, his ears were ringing. He wiped a bit of drool from the corner of his mouth and blinked a few times, squinting. As he adjusted to his surroundings he noticed the ringing in his ears didn’t stop, but it seemed to shift. The sharp noise turned to buzzing as Ace creaked open the gate to swarms of flies in the compound.

Bodies… everywhere.

What the fuck!? What happened!?

He buckled his helmet and grabbed his gun, preparing to make his way out of the warehouse. After a deep breath he approached the door.

It swung open.

Three figures began to rush in, and Ace did not hesitate. His training kicked in. This was a war zone, and he was going to survive. He squeezed the trigger twice and the first intruder dropped. The other two tried to run but were gunned down in the street from a shooter Ace couldn’t see.

Can’t go North, then.

He took another deep breath.

One.. two.. three!

He sprung from the door and turned right, ducking behind the outer wall of the building as bullets whizzed by.

Don’t stop. Move!

He pushed off the wall with his elbows, sprinting across the road into the ditch. Continuing up the hill, Ace turned East. Maybe the Merry Men defenses at Sherwood Point would hold. He crested the hill and then quickly dropped behind a tree laying flat.

Three armed men were walking toward Novodmitrovsk through the woods to the North-East. Maybe 200 meters away.

Not a fight I’ll win out here. Should keep an eye on them though.

Quietly, Ace moved behind the group. They moved quickly but Ace didn’t want to risk being seen. He followed at a distance, catching glimpses of them occasionally to keep track. A few minutes later he saw an odd sight – a gun propped up next to a tree.

Moving closer, he recognized the weapon. An AKM, fitted with a drum magazine.

If it’s loaded… that might do it.

He swung his rifle over his shoulder and picked the gun up. Dislodging the magazine, he was shocked. It was nearly full!

What’s this doing out here? Why would someone…


He heard a brief click, and a searing pain coarsed through him. The world went dark.


“He’s here! Under the snow! Give me a hand!” Deuce yelled, brushing a dusting of snow from Ace’s blood soaked jacket.

The boys grabbed Ace and propped him up, an arm around each of their necks. They drug Ace across the road into a house. They sat him against the wall where his head leaned back. He coughed, turned his head weakly and spat out dark blood.

“Well he’s not dead yet.” Jack said. “Let’s get him some warmer clothes, and see if he’ll eat something.”

It took days of care from his friends before Ace was moving on his own again, but they managed to get him on his feet. Apparently not long after he was shot, a horrific storm rolled through. A cold front pushed snow in, winds and ice tore limbs from trees, toppled any structures they built, and buried or destroyed anything they had gathered to survive. But after surviving such a close call, Ace was not ready to give up hope.

As he looked out a window, staring off into the warehouse they had thrived in for so long, he addressed his friends.

“Time to hit the road, boys. I think the North is done being kind to us.”

“The Day Has Come For Revenge” by James the Ginger

“Radio static”

If there is anybody out there…

“Radio static”


“Radio static”

My name is James the Ginger, but the clowns like to call me ” The Gingerbread Man’‘… Me and the clowns have had beef ever since…

“Radio static”

Ever since… what Scary and Daffy did to me. For the people that don’t know, let me give you some back story, so you fully understand why I’m so angry with them.

“Radio static”

Myself, Shifty, Luna, and Ali were going to go trade with The Outrider Caravan Company, when it was at Green Mountain. I was worried because I heard stories that the Carnival was back and giving ORCC a hard time since they lived together at the mountain. Anyway, I was doing my business with Jerry and I was about to leave when a bullet came straight at me, and it hit the lower end of my body.

“Radio static”

All I could see was red blood just pouring out of me, I was slowly losing vision when I passed out from the pain…

Next thing I know is that I’m laying on the ground at Green Mountain all stitched up. Slowly I looked around me and, in the corner, I could see Shifty and the rest of my friends.

Shifty runs to me and asks ” you good Ginge?”

I answer ” I guess… What happened? ”

” You were shot from outside the walls, don’t worry, you will manage until we get to Emerson. Just rest for now.” Shifty replies.

I layed there for a few minutes and then slowly got up to get my stuff from the ground but something was missing…my armband.

“Radio static”

I asked ” Where did you guys put my armband? It’s not with the rest of the stuff?’

Luna replies “Is it not there?”

In the corner of my eye, I see it’s in the hands of a Mango. I politely ask for my armband back but then a Carnival member called Daffy tells me with a squeaky voice

” The Mango would like to keep your armband as a thanks for saving your life”.

I asked what he was on about since Shifty was the one who patched me up, not the Clowns.

Again, with a squeaky voice he replies

”Well, we are the ones who looked out for your stuff while you were unconscious.”

In my head I didn’t know how to reply to that since he was right, I was unconscious but at what point did I ask him to look over my weapons or my clothes. That’s right I didn’t.

I politely again ask for my armband but the Mango refuses to give it to me. At this point I’m starting to get a little frustrated. During this Daffy was defending the Mango, which is understandable.

But then the Mango did something that really pissed me off…

He pulled out a gun and started aiming at Luna because she was in front of me. I quickly went in front of Luna just in case the Mango was going to shoot, but he didn’t.

He pulled out a taser and tased me. When I got up again, in my head I wanted to rip the Mango’s head off… But I didn’t since I knew I was better than that.

“Radio static”

That would be the thing I end up regretting not doing…

He wrote a note to me saying something by the lines

” You should be grateful, and you should watch your tone”

“Radio static”

I was livid. I got in the face of the Mango and started screaming about how ‘THEY’ should be grateful that ORCC is allowing them to live inside their wall after all the problems they have been causing for ORCC.

Outside I could hear 506 Austin’s voice and I just ignored it. Next thing I know is that I have four or five 506 members around me, listening as I berate the Clowns..

I knew I had to get out of there, so I asked for the armband one more time and he finally gave it to me… I just left and got out of there…

“Radio static”

You guys may think it’s not that bad. “James you’re making a big deal out of it…” No. There is more…

“Radio static”

A couple of months later, my friend Will and I are doing what we always do: Looting for supplies. Will tells me that Alice is in need of a few hands to help her move a barrel and some other stuff.

She did warn us that the place we would be picking the barrel up would be ‘ Green Mountain’.

“Radio static”

Deep in my head I knew going back there would be much worse now since during the few months I was gone the Dark Carnival took over Green Mountain. But I went there anyway. I was nervous during the car ride there. I kept looking out the window at the beautiful view I had…I thought to myself about what went wrong the last time I was there, but my thoughts were cut short as we arrived at Green Mountain.

I told Will I have a bad feeling about this one. I could tell he was a bit nervous too.

Then I heard a familiar voice I hadn’t heard for a while…Scary the Clown… A person me and Will disliked since we both had experience with him in the past. He has always been a little trigger happy.

“Radio static”

With a creepy voice he asked ”Alice who are your friends? ”

Before Alice could open her mouth, I spoke out.

”Its James and Will, we have met before Scary.”

‘’We are here to help Alice get some stuff.’’

”Ahh James, I know you! You’re that Odyssey member? ” Scary asked

”Indeed, I am.” I replied

We stepped inside the walls of Green Mountain. Scary was on the roof of the watchtower and a few Mangos were here and there just watching us. Alice was getting the barrel, and I was trying to make small talk with Scary so the moment wouldn’t feel so awkward.

“I see you got the tower to yourself now?”

“Yeah, took us a bit but again the Dark Carnival reclaims what is rightfully theirs.”

He gave me the evil eye and asked if I remembered Daffy. At that point I was getting ready for the worst. I could hear the steps on the watchtower as Daffy made his way up next to Scary.

Scary asked, “Daffy, you remember James right?’

“Yes, I remember him!” He quickly pulls out his gun, shooting at Will and I without hesitation. A few bullets hit me and the last thing I saw was Alice running towards Daffy to try and stop him and I guess she succeeded…

“Radio static”

A few weeks later I woke up in my bed confused about what had happened. I could see I was safe in my house. In my head, I thought I died, and this was the afterlife, but it couldn’t have been since I heard everyone outside. I look out the window and I can see all my friends talking inside the Manor courtyard. I heard the downstairs door open and went back under my blanket quickly.

“I could see your ginger hair poking out the window.”’ Shifty says from the doorway.

I have never been more happy to hear that voice.

“Radio static”

He gave me the rundown on what happened after the incident at Green Mountain. Apparently Alice got us out of there in her car, the same car we drove there with. I was lucky to make it through the operation Emerson and Forest had to perform on me.

“What about Will” I asked in a faithful voice

“He had to have an operation as well but most of the bullets were found in you since you were their main target”

I knew that was the case. So, during the time it took me to recover I planned my revenge for what they did to me. During this time there were stories out there that the clowns were eating people. Couldn’t really say I was surprised, they are all weak human beings that lost their faith in humanity.

“Radio static”

I’m going to promise something right off the bat. I’m not resting until every Dark Carnival member is taken care of once and for all. Not just for what you did to me, this is going to be for all the people that don’t have the power to fight back or are too scared to.

And this goes to all the groups out there too… The last thing we need in this world is killer clowns running around causing problems for everyone.

I know for a fact there are survivors out there that the Carnival has terrorized in the past. This is your moment to come together and fight yet another form of evil that we don’t need.

“Radio static”

People are going to die during this war, that is why you have to be ready for it. But we have to do what’s right for all of us.

With or without others, I’m coming for you CLOWNS… you guys just wait… Oh and Zippy, in one of your notes you told me and the rest of Odyssey that if I didn’t shut my mouth, you would come and shut it for me…I hate to break it to you but you’re not shutting anything.

You think I’m taking orders from a Clown? *laughs* Not happening.

We will be seeing each other very soon…

‘’Radio turns off’’

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