The Cherno Sauna Society is recruiting!


5 years ago

Are you a relaxed, easy-going person?

We’re the Cherno Sauna Societey, a small aid station and meeting point in west Cherno in the DayzUnderground Hardcore Survival server, dedicated to helping out our fellow survivors in any way we can.

You can find us on the latest territory map, which is also scribbled onto the ingame tourist trail maps.

Interested in joining a friendly group of people and providing for other survivors? Join their Discord:

We maintain our scenic location by gathering basic equipment, producing food and offering a place to rest to any travelers passing by the area. We have built a sauna, complete with changing room, stone oven for infusions and a dock to cool off in the water.

We operate on the principles of 100% independence and accessibility and will strive to keep our services available to all people of Chernarus from the mightiest faction warlord to the lowliest drifter just looking to survive.

The Chernarus Sauna

We’ve been in Cherno for about six weeks now and are looking to expand our group with a few new members so we can keep our community storage well-stocked at all times.

Ideally, you’d be a relaxed, easy-going person who finds looting things and meeting new people to be at the core of your survival experience.

We can’t guarantee it will always be exciting (although Cherno is definitely one of the more busier towns these days) since there’s a lot of firewood to chop, water to carry and tomatoes to fry, but working at the sauna can also be incredibly rewarding for people with the right mindset.

Cherno Sauna overlooking the city

On a clear day, the Cherno Sauna gives you a great view overlooking the city

You don’t need to be rich in resources or an experienced warrior to join us and we will not ask anything from you besides commitment in helping others by staffing the Sauna a few hours at a time, a few times per week.

In turn we will help you to become a part of something bigger and stand with you in times of trouble.

If you’re interested, drop by the sauna in character or join our Discord to meet us and we’ll be happy to tell more about your new role in the apocalypse!