The Golden Jackals – Groups and Factions


5 years ago

Part mechanics, part entertainers, part arms dealer, and more.

The Golden Jackals are a DayzUnderground group who may wear many hats, but they are focused on being the business you can trust most while surviving the wastelands of DayZ.


The banner of the Golden Jackals. Dogs and dog-like creatures are seen as "unclean," in many Arab countries. Sayid's business was successful, but not a clean business.

The banner of the Golden Jackals.

Founded by a Jordanian man named Sayid, the Jackals began as a collection of mechanics in the South Zagorian area looking to create an auto repair business. As more members joined and people learned about the group, the Jackals diversified their work to include reconnaissance, third party litigation, and arms dealing/outfitting.

Their most famous (or infamous) creation was the Devil’s Fight Club operation. Through a regional tournament and eventual championship, the Jackals managed to get both friendly and hostile groups in one spot to duke it out with fists. And sometimes guns – no one promised it would be a safe endeavour.

Since the Fists of Gold Regional Championship, the Jackals have been keeping a low profile attempting to work with groups old and new and establish future business contracts in the area.

A member of the Jackals providing recon information to a client northeast of Svetlojarsk.

A member of the Jackals providing recon information to a client northeast of Svetlojarsk.

Need something, want something done?

Trying to make contact with them? It may be difficult at first. Be on the lookout for green bandanas and green or black facemasks, which is their usual getup when they can find it. They currently claim the summer camp north of Severograd, and while they may not be the largest or most powerful group on DayzUnderground, they look to change that. Find them ingame or message them on our Teamspeak server to learn more!

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