Serdtse Volka (Heart) – Groups and Factions


5 years ago

A group of survivors shrouded in mystery…

When you first read about Serdtse Volka (also known as Heart) on our private forum, you are met with a mysterious quote – lyrics from the song The Voice by Eimear Quinn: “I am the voice in the wind and the pouring rain. I am the voice of your hunger and pain. I am the voice that always is calling you. I am the voice. I will remain.”

Heart walks a fine line between committing good and evil deeds

Drawing from their roots as a splinter group of the former DUG faction Black Paw, Serdtse Volka is in their own right one of the server’s more mysterious collection of survivors. They walk a fine line between committing good and evil deeds, and in their words, “The difference between Good and Evil, Right and Wrong, is not crystal clear. It’s not cut out and easy to define. There’s no instruction manual that comes with life, no set rules or laws that specify when what you’re doing isn’t right. It is up to each and every wolf to find the line that balances the two.”

Keeping to the shadows

What might best define them as a group are the two things that mean most to them: isolationism and family. Simultaneously keeping to the shadows of the trees and interfering on the affairs of others, they are at times an enigma to other survivors living in the area, and fiercely loyal to others in their group.

They often say that their group acts as a family, and as some groups on DUG have found…wronging one in the family is wronging the family as a whole. Donning black armbands and spears on their back, they mix between PvP and role play interactions. The group claims no territory, but roams across Chernarus in exacting their goals. The only way you’ll be able to make contact with their group, though, is finding them in-game. So be on the lookout… they will be.


Heart is a DayzUnderground group shrouded in mystery who walk a fine line between committing good and evil deeds.

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