Overview Hardcore Survival Server Mod Update #5


5 years ago

Base Building Mod, Gore and more Fixes

Hello everyone! Following our previous updates that added new content and our first release of our extensive Hardcore Survival server rebalance mod, the DayzUnderground server mod update #5 introduces new mods to our modset. The integration of the “NoFenceCollisions” mod will allow players to place fence items more freely, the re-introduction of GoreZ  makes the experience more brutal and the DZSA launcher will show you queue messages properly.

We have updated our modlist with the following mods:

You can see the full modlist here. We also made tutorials that help you connect using the DayZ launcher or DZSA launcher if you run into issues or are new to DayZ.

We also tweaked hunting with slightly increased cutting times and reduced herd sizes. Hunting will remain a very lucrative source of food but the balance will make it less of a survival One-Stop-Shop. A few days ago we have increased the server slots to 65. We are keeping an eye on performance and might add more in small increments.

New Base Building Features and Revised Rules

DayzUnderground introduces the nofencecolission mod to enable more basebuilding

Let the construction begin! We have introduced the NoFenceCollisions mod that enables you to build bases with fences more freely.

Base building is quite limited in vanilla DayZ. Items that are placed undergo a check that looks for surface, clipping, angle and more. Building can become quite frustrating when a single bush or boardwalk stops an entire construction plan.

With the introduction of the “NoFenceCollisions” mod by Cleetus, players are able to place fence items freely. This mod was created following the feedback of multiple server owners who all saw the issues  of freely placeable storage items and the game breaking clipping that comes with it. This mod is a very nice solution.

Additionally, we have issued a hotfix for base destruction times. Did you know, you can only use sledgehammers and fire axes to tear down walls?

To accomodate the update, there are now  revised rules on basebuilding. These rules are kept as simple and comprehensive as possible. We want to giver players the ability to more creatively build bases and barricade existing structures but restrict placement that breaks game features.

  • No placement that results in indestructible, inaccessible, unpackable or unmoveable items.

  • No glitching/clipping of fences into storage items, or storage items into other objects.

  • No fences created that float freely.

  • No placement of fences or gates which causes an indestructible or impassable barrier obstructing free movement.

Here is an album with examples that illustrate the rules. Structures that break the rules and break gameplay functions will be removed after a warning. Repeated offenses may result in temporary or permanent bans.

We are continuing to monitor feedback through e.g. our Discord and are currently working on more changes and new content.

Here is some more feedback from Twitter:

Have fun and stay safe out there!

The DayzUnderground Team