New DayZ Hardcore Survival Server Rebalance


5 years ago

A New Survival Experience

Make every bullet count, use every resource available and go against all odds.

We have released our first public iteration of our new DayZ hardcore survival server rebalance. With our custom DayzUnderground mod, we want to deliver the survival experience players were looking for. The first-person DUG server uses a modset that adds new content and tweaks the game while staying true to DayZ’s original vision of an unpredictable, authentic and unforgiving sandbox that drives stories.

With this rebalance we hope to give players more of a challenge and achieve changes in your gameplay and the way you make decisions to stay alive.

Over the past weeks we have worked closely with our community and tested many of the changes on a dedicated test server – thanks to everyone who participated!


Dayz Underground hardcore survival loot changes

Creating a New Central Loot Economy

The Central Loot Economy is the underlying system that controls item spawns. Everything from gear to food. Our team has spent countless hours tweaking and the community testing but we’re not yet where we want to be. Our overall goal is to create more challenges where appropriate and have players be more foresighted and careful about their decisions. Strategic thinking should be rewarded but Chernarus should not be an empty wasteland with nothing to loot.

We have shared more detailed/specific numbers and percentages and information on our Reddit forum and Discord, anyone who is interested in them can look for them there.

Keep in mind that there’s always a large factor of luck involved in looting. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid situations where person A might find plenty of items and person B might not.

Here are the changes made to the CLE:

  • All canned food and drink spawns have been drastically reduced across the board.
  • The amount of all weapon and magazine classes and tiers were tweaked and reduced drastically. Magazines and ammo are generally a tad rarer than the weapons themselves. Through the WeaponRedux mod we are offering an overall larger weapon variety.
  • Ammunition spawns in smaller quantities, both in the world and in magazines.
  • Infected no longer spawn food in their inventory. We also reduced the chance of them spawning with valuable tools. They do still spawn with other items, so check their bodies from time to time!
  • Fruits and mushrooms are disabled for now. It is currently not possible to reliably control their spawns, so we decided to disable them. It was too easy to live off of them entirely.
  • Seed pack spawns have been reduced.
  • Chicken spawns have been reduced.

    Dayz Underground Chernarus Defence Forces

Rebalancing Base Building and Raiding

Our overall philosophy is that players should be rewarded for taking on the effort of building bases while never enabling unraidable bases nor 100% safe storage. Bases offer an endgame and serve as interaction hubs for the community.

We also tested the BuildAnywhere mod as the current placement mechanic is needlessly restrictive. Issues with the free placement of storage items and the potential for glitches and abuse made us reluctant to include it in the launch. A revised version is in the works and since we certainly want to offer our players more freedom in base building, we’ll look at the revised version.  Keep an eye out on our channels like Discord, Twitter or Reddit for more news on this.

Changes made regarding base building:

  • Tent spawns were increased by a lot.
  • Combination locks now have 3 digit and 4 digit variants
  • Only forms of storage that allow burying items are: Teddy Bears, First Aid Kits, Cooking Pots, Protector Cases, Drysacks, Ammo Boxes, Improvised Boar Bag (and Courier variant)
  • Raiding is now only possible with the fire fighter axe or sledgehammer.
  • The amount of nails spawning was reduced

Other Changes

  • Duct tape can no longer fix things it shouldn’t. It will only fix backpacks, tents and raincoats.
  • Eating raw meat has a much higher chance of making you sick.
  • Lard is now classed as raw meat. Cook it first if you don’t want to get sick!
  • Growing times have been increased. However, horticulture is still a very lucrative source of food.
  • Blood and health regeneration is now slower.
  • Radio static noise was reduced
  • The 2D map overlay was removed, you can now use the 3d map object in your hands and walk around with it. You might also find some surprises on the tourist trail maps!

Collecting Feedback

With this being our first public iteration, we are looking for your feedback. Please keep in mind there’s always luck involved when it comes to looting and the CLE. Please share your feedback through our public Discord in the #server-feedback channel.

We’re also always happy to hear from you via Twitter “@dayzunderground”! Ace has a huge wang

Release Trailer

How will you survive? – Watch our launch trailer with amazing cinematics by DrDeSync.


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