Installing and Loading Mods for DUG


2 years ago

We use mods to tweak and enhance the hardcore experience on our server

DayzUnderground is using a few tasteful, immersive mods to enhance the hardcore experience playing on our community’s server, which are required to be installed and loaded by every player.

Our overall goal when selecting or creating our own mods is providing a unique experience that stays true to DayZ’s hardcore vision.

Click here for the current modlist.

Below are tutorials for downloading and using the right mods on our server.

There are two ways to join our modded server. The first is the unofficial DayZSALauncher which is easiest, the other is using the official DayZ Launcher which is slightly harder. Both require you to be logged into Steam. Make sure you are running the latest DayZ stable patch.

If you are having issues connecting, please let us know on our public Discord, we will be happy to help you!

How to Download Mods via the unofficial DayZStandalone [DZSA] Launcher

If you haven’t installed it yet, install the DZSA launcher through their website:

After opening the program, you need to find our server in the server browser. It’s easiest to use the filter in the upper left corner and filter for the term “dayzunderground” and “First person” in the checkbox. Once you found the DayzUnderground server, favorite it by clicking on the star so in the future you won’t need to filter everything else out.

Next, you will click the triangular “Play” Button at the very right of the server name and description. Select the “Play” option that appears in the drop down menu. After that, a prompt will come up asking you to download the mods required for the server.


Press OK and the mods will automatically start downloading (note: if you have already subscribed to some or all of these mods via the Steam Workshop, this step may go a little quicker). When the mods have finished downloading, their “STATUS” changes to “Subscribed”.

Once you are done with your mod download, get back to the “Servers” menu in the upper left, select the server and press play! If it worked, you should automatically be logging into the server in the next few seconds.

If the server is currently on the scheduled whitelist, you will be prompted to write the password for the server before logging in. Members can find the password in our Discord, Reddit Forum or Teamspeak server.

Please remember to also set your ingame name to something other than the default name through the DZSA launcher setttings. Click back to the Servers Section and check your settings in the top right corner.

In the lower right you find the option to set your ingame name and uncheck any other options you want to add or remove. If you were using any other launch options in your Steam Launch Options you can copy and paste them into the “Additional Parameters” text box.

How to Download and load Mods via the official DayZ Launcher

You will download this Mod Collection from the Steam Workshop.

Open your Steam client and select DayZ in your library. Next, open DayZ’s Workshop. In the upper menu, click on “Browse” and select “Collections”. Next, search for “DayzUnderground” in the upper right search field. This should show you our mod collection. When you see the collection, you will choose Subscribe To All and the mods will all begin downloading.

Loading the right mods.

After the downloads have finished, please launch Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ Launcher to see if they are installed; you will also use this to launch your game and join the server!

The official DayZ Launcher can be found when you launch DayZ through Steam. You will be given the option between “Play DayZ” and “Run DayZ Launcher.” Pick “Run DayZ Launcher”.

This should then open the launcher.

Navigate to your MODS Category and you will see a list of mods that are either currently downloading/updating or are already installed.


You will need to check the mods from our modlist and make sure they are in your Loaded Mods Section:

Make sure to only load the mods specified in our modlist and none other when connecting to the server.

If you would like you can create a preset and in the future just load that preset so you don’t have to remember which mods are needed. When new mods are added, you will have to keep it updated manually though.

Extra Things You Need To Do

Navigate to your Parameters Category and make sure you are on the FAVORITES tab.

You will see a couple of options for you to mess with:

  • Force Window Mode (Enable/Disable)
  • Profile Name (Enable/Disable): __________
  • Command Line (Enable/Disable): _________

If you have any launch parameters on steam be sure to put them in the Command Line section!

Also be sure to put your name in the Profile Name section.

Time To Join The Server

It’s time to press play and make sure it works.

If all is correct your main menu screen should look like this (note the DUG logo in the top left).

Navigate to Change Server, choose the Community tab and in your filters make sure DayzUnderground is the name you use when searching for the server in the filters.

If you have done all the steps correctly you will be able to join the server!

If you are having issues please let us know through our public Discord or on our private reddit forum, we will be happy to help you.

Enjoy your time!

The DayzUnderground Team