DUG Mod adds new Content and Gameplay Tweaks


5 years ago

DayzUnderground Mod Update #3 – March 20, 2019

Through our custom DayzUnderground mod, we frequently add new content and tweak the game to realize our vision of DayZ as an unpredictable, authentic and unforgiving sandbox that drives stories. We value immersion and use tasteful, mods to enhance the hardcore experience playing on our server.

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A hardcore DayZ experience that drives stories in an unpredictable, authentic and unforgiving sandbox.

In our third update, we have released changes that improve the quality of life of a few game mechanics and added rare content surprises to our server.

Quality of Life Improvements

DayzUnderground mod adds new map

The 2D map overlay was removed, you can now look at the 3D map and walk around with it.

We have decided to remove the 2D map UI that appears on your screen when you open a Chernarus map, leaving the actual 3D object. Now you can spot things on the map quickly and efficiently, even on the move. You may also see our Faction/Group territory scribble additions to it. Thanks to the lovely Iris and the rest of the folks who work together to create regular generations of the DayzUnderground group and faction map with points of interests. You can find the current version in high-res here. We may continue to change details of the in-game maps.

DayzUnderground mod reduces radio noise

Radios are fun but the constant noise sucked. We reduced it drastically.

Radios are amazing but we know how noisy and distracting their constant buzzing is. We have tweaked them and reduced their buzzing sound to a minimum, but not entirely gone.  If we can continue to tweak radios we will do so, be sure to give us feedback on this, e.g. through our public Discord.

Making Survival more Challenging

Health and Blood regeneration reduced in DayzUnderground mod

Watch out and don’t get hurt! Regeneration has been slashed in half.

We frequently discuss the survival aspects of DayZ and how we want them on DUG. One of our key concerns were health and blood values and how a survivor can go from near-death to running full stride in a matter of minutes. Generally, we want survival to be a more of a challenge. Every drastic action should have consequences the player has to deal with. We decided to reduce the health and blood regeneration to 50%. We will be looking for feedback from our players after you have played for a while so we know how this change affects gameplay.

New Content

And finally, we have a video for you guys teasing new, rare items you may find on your travels through Chernarus. We’re looking forward to seeing your creative uses for these new masks:

That’s all for now! If you want to check out what else our custom DUG mod changes and which other mods we use on our server, have a read here. We’ll have more fun things in the works for you all to enjoy!

The DayzUnderground Team