5 Year Anniversary and Trading Cards Scavenger Hunt


5 years ago

5 years of DayzUnderground

Exactly five years ago, a small group of DayZ mod veterans and passionate players created a private subreddit forum. It had all started with a vision: Build a mature community of people who love DayZ and create a place where they can enjoy themselves. It was kept secret and a few people were invited.

We called it DayzUnderground. That’s where it all began.

Now, five years later, we look back on an amazing journey and are incredibly thankful for everyone who has contributed along the way. DUG is now an international community with thousands of members and an incredibly rich history. A server that is respected for unique interactions, conflicts and characters. We worked to shape what is today known as organic roleplay, having spread far across the wider DayZ community and removing some of the black and white thinking that often surrounded the understanding of roleplay in DayZ, making it more accessible while also adding genuine tension by not forcing interactions through rules.

From our first secret DayZ server which was used as a testbed for the DayZ private hive technology, hosted by DayZ’s former creative director Brian Hicks, to our first public server with a large Teamspeak, to seeing the first of many groups and factions forming.  Building a unique whitelist system. Hosting our first in-game events. Stories after stories being written, played, recorded and experienced. Creating the first territory maps. Growing our staff of dedicated volunteers. Watching real friendships form, opening an EU server with the KarmaKrew. Following DayZ from the first Alpha release through Beta and finally the 1.0 release.

Be it spending many evenings with the amazing people of the DayZ development team,

or spending even more evenings preparing our move to a fully self-hosted server environment with custom tools and later creating our own mods and tweaking the game further to be a unique, engaging hardcore experience.

Through the past five years, we loved being there for it all. If you’re reading this, we want to thank you for being part of it, in whichever form or shape that is.

Trading cards!

To commemorate our anniversary, we added 15 unique, rare spawning trading cards featuring current and past factions of DUG to our custom server mod and are hosting a scavenger host event starting today until Sunday.

DayzUnderground Trading Cards

The first 3 people to collect all rare DayzUnderground Trading Cards will win free DayZ and DayzUnderground merchandise!

The first three people to find an entire deck will win free DayZ and our own DayzUnderground merch, which we recently made available: https://teespring.com/stores/dayzunderground!

To collect them all, you will have to search across the entire map, as some might only spawn in certain areas. The cards spawn in a pack of one which can then be opened.

We have a trading channel in the DayzUnderground Discord, some cards are already up for trading, use it if you can’t find certain cards or want to trade some of your valuables or equipment.

If you have collected the full deck, please send us an e-Mail through [email protected]. We will get in touch and collect your cards in-game. Ruined cards will not be accepted. After the scavenger hunt is over on Sunday, the winners will of course get their cards back!

We want to thank our loyal players, a lot of you have been with us for all these 5 years. You rock. Here’s to many more years!

Have fun hunting and stay safe out there!

The DayzUnderground Team