DayZ Status Report Highlights – July 17th


6 years ago

New DayZ Status Report updates us on the first 0.63 Content Patch and more Content coming to DayZ

Hello! It is Wednesday and we’re back with latest DayZ Status Report summary. Today, the DayZ development team highlights some of the issues and fixes on the 0.62 branch, the upcoming content patch to be released with 0.63, new animations, sounds and various other changes being made to DayZ.

Eugen – First 0.63 Content Update and 0.62 fixes

There are reasons to get excited about the first content patch coming to DayZ 0.63. There are no major or critical roadblocks in the current internal build. On the 18th, the team will do internal testing of the patch and if everything goes well, release it to the Stress Test branch  and after that to Experimental.

The 0.63 content patch blockers are fixed. It will be tested internally today and later release to the Stress Test and Experimental branch

The patch will not only bring with it a lot of features and content but also many bug fixes that make our DayZ experience more stable and fun. We have summarized all new content and features of the DayZ content patch #1 here. As we’re seeing the comeback of the unconscious state, as well as everyone’s favourites – the M4A1 and Mosin, alongside numerous scopes – the developers are considering using a specialized mission for testing these, probably switching back and forth from the regular survival gameplay to a more action packed combat scenario spawn.

The 0.62 database issues were fixed and the developers will revert characters back to pre-wipe. Additionally, a rampant blue screen of death issue was fixed.

Peter – Implementation of Scopes

Long range combat has always been a staple of DayZ. The developers are currently focusing on bringing back scopes for firearms and improving them overall. Let’s take a look at some of their features:

Switching between iron sights/scopes

The new implementation introduced the ability to use iron sights along with scope view. The developers are not planning to do slanted sights for now.

Zeroing and accuracy

We will again have the ability to zero scopes to compensate the ballistic trajectory of the projectile. Naturally, all weapons will have their own accuracy values, so chose the right tool for your (deadly) job. Barrel dispersion is also currently back in 0.63.

Long range combat has always been a staple of DayZ and you can count on the fact that it will be in the future as well

While aiming down the scope or iron sights, projectiles are fired directly from the barrel of the gun. However, the current design decision still is to trace the projectile from the barrel to the center of the gun, instead of where the barrel is pointing at, while hip firing.
Unfortunately, the devs found out there is a divergence between actual projectile trajectory and the directional vector of the barrel, which is definitely an issue on longer ranges. They are currently going through all aspects of range combat, trying to isolate and fix the underlying problem.

Revision of Scopes

While they are revising the scopes, they have the perfect opportunity to revisit individual scope models and their configuration.

  • The PSO 1 will be turned into a proper 3D scope and have the eyepiece removed.
  • While there is no picture-in-picture rendering, they will use post-processes such as depth of field, sphere distortion and colour tints to make scopes more visually pleasing.

Overall, scopes will be more intuitive and fun to use.

Viktor – New and improved Animations

The animation team has been busy over the past two weeks. Here is an overview of some of the new and improved animations:

  • New usage animations for shovel, pickaxe and hoe provide better representation of the item
  • New animation sets for flashlights, torches and flares position the light sources better
  • Testing of vehicle-related animations such as changing gears, starting motor etc.
  • New animations for player hit reactions and unconscious variations for stances
  • Attack animations were polished
  • Bugs with firearm animations were fixed
  • New holding animations for various items

Adam – Object Placement Fixes and better Signage

Adam has spent the last weeks squashing thousands of bugs all over Chernarus, fixing issues with object placement, the new vegetation, object and player clipping, ladders or swimming. Work on those will continue over the next weeks.

Railroad stations and road intersections as well as some more settlements have now received proper signs. These will be available in the first DayZ 0.63 content patch.

Filip – New Sounds

The past weeks brought a number of updates from the audio department. These features will release alongside the Experimental Branch content update #1:

  • Sonic crack and impact of bullets have been improved
  • Mosin and M4 sounds were updated
  • Brand new set of reloading sounds for each weapon
  • Fixed a bug with weapon reload sounds while on the move

Most of these should be making their way into the game soon:

  • female character voice support has been added
  • New character sounds for hacking down trees, cutting bark off of a tree, digging, mining for stones, cooking (boiling, baking, drying) were added
  • Thunderstorm sounds were improved

Thank you for spending your time with us. See you with the next DayZ news here on the DUG website!

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